The 10 Best Vests for Men and How to Wear Them

The 10 Best Vests for Men and How to Wear Them

As easy as it sounds, wearing a vest doesn’t require you to have any sort of special expertise in terms of fashion. The art you can master anytime with a few simple steps, adding a vest to your not-so-heavy outfit as your outermost layer in the pre-winter season is the best thing to do.

While the Vest trends 2020 is a growing problem for those who hate seeing people wearing vests, it is a good development for those who have always appreciated the role of sleeveless outer layers in the improvement of their winter style.

So, if you are here to get your mind armed with some worth-trying vest ideas, you should switch to the vests inspired by the celebrities below.

Kevin Costner

Taken from Kevin Costner’s incredibly trendy outfit in Yellowstone, the Quilted Cotton Vest is way better than most of the cheap vests offered by some big brands.

In order to layer it to preserve your style and attract the compliment makers, all you have to do is get it mixed well with derby shoes covering your feet, grey corduroy pants, and a formal sky blue shirt merged with black sunglasses.

Jonathan Tucker

You know West World has inspired so many fashionistas and you might be one of them. Before you believe you aren’t, make sure to check out at the trend list of vests Jonathan Tucker’s outerwear dominating it.

Jonathan Tucker Westworld Vest

Tucker’s hottest outer layer from West World or the so-called Jonathan Vest is wearable with any casual accessory. But if you prefer wearing it with a rolled-up striped trouser and camel shaded formal inner layer, you would make a large number of your fans worship you for the next few months.

Method Man

While the Earth is home to billions of humans, Method Man seems to have trillions of fans with other species included, lol. Besides rapping, Method Man is also pretty good at stylizing vests like a professional model. If you follow him for both his voice and the kind of trends he sets up usually, the Method Man Vest is for you.

Catch up the heavyweight winter accessory to rock it with leather made boots, white fleece joggers, and a military green baggy inner layer completing the style.

Heath Ledger

If you are into military green vests than anything else, you are supposed to turn your eyes towards the Heath Ledger Green Vest.

Inspired by the Australian actor Heath Ledger, it makes you want to invest your hard-earned dollars into sleeveless outer layers than other low-key accessories.

Follow Joker’s character and wear it with a corporate slave inspired outfit to make sure your style is recognized by most of your critics. If you want me to break it down further, rocking the vest with the same colored formal accessories inspired by an office-guy would be the simplest explanation.

Norman Redus

A black vest with a big wings patch is superior to most of the worthless black jackets with no value at all. Get yourself ahead of your friends and foes by trying the Daryl Dixon Vest with a silver necklace, a full sleeves black shirt, and white shaded sneakers for an above-average look.

Featured in the Walking Dead series, it’s the only vest inspired by Norman Reedus to make it to the list of the trendiest vests inspired by the celebrities.

Noah Schnapp

The American-Canadian teenage artist Noah Schnapp knows way better than most of us about how to don a vest properly.

Brought us the Noah Schnapp Vest, the rising star is being discussed on various fashion forums for his extraordinary casual pick-ups.

TV Series Strangers Things Noah Schnapp Puffer Vest

Leaving this aside, if you want to wear his vest to look absolutely casual, you might love using a v-neck white shirt and dark black colored pants with a pair of white athleisure boots to give you that much-needed attention.

While the combo of white boots and the same colored shirt would enhance your style, black pants would add immense hotness to your outfit.

Jon Bernthal

Keep in the uppermost of your mind if you can, there is never a good or a bad day to wear Jon Bernthal’s Punisher Skull Vest with some hot casual accessories. Featuring leather made exterior and skull print at the front, it looks like something built for a combatant.

Add it to your pre-winter outfit with pride while ensuring to add some valuable casual items to the outfit which may include burgundy shorts, ripped black tee, and white-framed square-shaped sunglasses to revive the old trend.

Chris Pratt

Thanks to Chris Pratt Vest, you no longer need to keep yourself busy looking for a brown vest on the internet. Instead, you should pick up Pratt’s outerwear and pair it with a formal white button-down shirt with black pants and shiny brown footwear giving you a super glorious look.

If you are not comfortable going with the same colored footwear, opt for the black one instead to classify your style as a purely hot one.

Michael Jordan

After the massive success of Black Panther, It was quite obvious to see something from the film to make it to the trend list. And that’s nothing other than the Black Panther Vest which has proved to too different than most of the ordinary vests.

Black Panther Michael B Jordan Vest

Take it on with full confidence driving your energy and make sure to support the outerwear with a full sleeves purple shirt and supporting black joggers.

David Morrissey

If you don’t want to settle for less, you can switch to a better option than the traditional vests. This means you should look at The Walking Dead for some recommendations as it has been considered to a great TV show to start some new outerwear trends.

Made of satin material and featuring an extraordinary level of shine, the Governor Vest could be all you need. It’s a perfect piece to be taken on with a formal style shirt. In addition, you might also like to add a sizzling hot pair of high converse black shoes and a rounded hat to beat the style of your rivals.

A Tip To Consider 

Prefer using the formal inner layers instead of relying on the combos of traditionally accepted casual accessories excluding the ones listed above.

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