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A Perfect Couple Wear: Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Costume

A Perfect Couple Wear - Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest

What it is like to follow the romantic couple from the comic books and adopt their looks? If you have attended a cosplay event you know it well or otherwise you should try it once with your partner and see how it goes for you. The world of comics is filled with uncountable characters each […]

The Halloween Party: 4 Halloween Jackets for Her for a Fashion Filled Appearance

Halloween Costumes, Better Than Us Arisa Yellow Biker Jacket, Ani Bezzerides True Detective Brown Leather Jacket

While girls a step behind guys in terms of Halloween Costumes, they are way ahead than their rivals in buying the fashionable stuff. It is only a matter of days and Halloween will arrive in your town forcing each and everybody to celebrate the ancient festival of Samhain to ward off the ghosts, lol. The […]


top 3 looks of Britney Spears

While we really wish to get on Britney Spears’ dietary and work-out regimen, we would love to get on terms with her stylist to nail some of her fashion looks as well. Imagine being able to pull off a cropped leather jacket with the same intensity that she had when she was new to Hollywood. […]