Star Wars: Shedding light on the Most Popular Outfits

Star Wars Shedding light on the Most Popular Outfits

One of the biggest Hollywood franchises, Star Wars has been entertaining the space-loving American audiences for decades that too in an uninterrupted manner and utmost dedication.

Stars Wars franchise has a long history of developing action-packed projects all about space-related power politics and the use of force in the intergalactic missions to explore the unseen and undiscovered regions of the cosmos.
Since the franchise has ensured to enlighten the ignorant souls on space matters, thankfully a large segment of the American society has been educated about the space stuff.

Throwing out films after films after every few years, the franchise has expanded its sphere of influence and has greatly transformed the underrated science-fiction niche into one of the most-liked ones.

While every single film released under Star Wars’ flag received international recognition for extraordinary GFX-supported visuals and dramatic storylines offering in-depth space-related knowledge, the gripping accessories sported by each and every character also amazed the fashion searching souls causing them to invest in the Star Wars products.

As the wardrobes of powerful Star Wars’ characters caught the attention of the fashion hunters more than any other aspect of their personalities, let’s cover the best of them by having a look at the Star Wars Celebrity Outfits.


When it comes to a character like Qira, Han Solo’s childhood best friend, setting a trend seems to be achievable. One of the main protagonists in the overall franchise, Qira’s absolutely welcoming attitude towards fashion keeps her on top of the list of all the Star Wars characters.

From giving us the Qira Jacket to donning the black leather skirt with a rounded shirt of the same color like a queen, Qira has tried her level best to achieve a look superior to her counterparts.
Despite the fact she is no less than a bad girl in terms of dealing with the bad guys, her wardrobe is all about featuring the soft image and the smoking look of the underrated character by using the least items available.

Han Solo

One of the greatest men to lead the Rebel Alliance, Han Solo should be recognized for his contributions to the movies inspired fashion.

Often keeping a high-profile backed up with a manly attitude, Solo’s trendy reminds us of the late 2000s fashion trends when new and new items were making it to the international market every other week.

The casual wardrobe rocked by Solo mainly consists of a brown and black suede leather jacket with a v-neck inner layer and black cotton pants fitting his legs perfectly. While these accessories are too easy to find on the internet, their combination results in the creation of something great to keep on looking at.

Poe Dameron

A man with a face like no other, Poe Dameron loves experimenting with combos and combinations. Doubtlessly, Dameron’s character is perhaps the most stylish one gifted with the ability to have a fan base bigger than most of the primary protagonists in the series.

Rocking a brown real leather jacket like a boss, Dameron knows how to wear a brown trouser with the same colored item and look utterly fabulous. Listen to no critic and scan his wardrobe for something untrendy as we bet you are likely to be disappointed.

If you are too open to feel the casual vibe, try out Dameron’s eye-catching casual wardrobe while ensuring to add up anything you believe will suit his dress code.


A warrior like Rey should not be misunderstood or underestimated for her seemingly different clothing style which often makes us question her fashion policies.

Usually appearing with anger on her face all the time, Rey’s ultimately fascinating wardrobe has largely depended upon the soft cotton sleeveless layer with a long inner shirt and tight brown pants supported by arm sleeves.

If you don’t hate following a hero, this combination could be a great hit mainly helping you earn some highly positive reviews from even those who may have once disregarded you for following the majority and making no significant change to your style.

Jyn Erso

Keeping in mind experimenting with nothing will be of no benefit, Jyn Erso has been ahead of her rivals and counterparts in terms of trying the items with one another until a combo is approved.

This could be one of the potential reasons she could be tagged as the most fashionable hottie with a mind-blowing sense of fashion allowing her to build outfits good enough to be starred for hours.

A fine example of such an outfit includes the one made of a wrapped scarf, a chunky brown cotton vest featuring stripes, and a voguish full sleeves blue shirt matching the rest of a couple of elements.

In a rare case if you are totally fine stealing Jyn Erso’s style, go through her style guide as well for a purely incredible look of yours.

Cassian Andor

Served as the Alliance Intelligence officer, Cassian Andor’s fashion sense has never been limited to the commonly used accessories.

Appearing as a man of his words, Andor’s wardrobe would have never been completed without the inclusion of the blue parka coat which has tremendously gained popularity over the last few months.
Featuring the thick elements, the hot outfit keeps it all simple for Andor and allows him to look like a man protecting himself from the merciless weather using all the means available. Unless you are planning to make a trip to the Northern states, you don’t necessarily have to think about following Andor’s choices.

Luke Skywalker

One of the renowned Jedi to ever exist in the world of Star Wars,s Luke Skywalker is absolutely ahead of the time in terms of fashioning the hottest accessories.

Opting for the classiest look, Skywalker has taken a very different approach by rocking a black outfit with no single accessory featuring any other color. The items like knee-high black boots, black pants and the cotton jacket featuring a tough exterior have greatly contributed to shaping his look and allowing him to look freaking hot.

While his outfit looks no different than a costume, it actually is built to give him the new signature style only so that the fans can proudly opt for something ultra-special and new.