Set Your Own Style Statement With a Son of Anarchy Vest

sons of anarchy vest

Indeed, crime drama is one of the best genres if you want to watch thrill and drama. You can see many exciting series, but only a few left their impact on the viewers. Sons of Anarchy is one of the same series. This series was released in 2008 and continued until 2014. The series hits blockbuster charts hard. It was the superhit series of its time. The story revolves around a biker group with a leader, Jex teller, who fights with vigilantism and illegal acts. In short, you can se drama, action and emotions in the series. In addition to the film’s screenplay and storyline, its fashion is also on point. Thus, the most astonishing staple was the sons of anarchy vest by Jex Teller.

However, if you want to add this chic and modern sons of anarchy leather vest to your wardrobe, no place is better than The Movie Fashion web store. Therefore, before heading to the styling of this trendy jacket, let’s discuss some specifications. 

The Stipulations

Hence, this extraordinary sons of anarchy vest is made of genuine leather and has an inner viscose lining. Its erect collar, black color and logos make the jacket more desirable and fashionable. You can style this cool vest with any of your wardrobes and create a different style. So, let’s discuss some styling options with this vest.

 Leather Vests – Perfect for Any Occasion

Thus, you can style this trendy Jax teller vest for any occasion. Vests are not only for bikers or streetwear. You can style leather vests for formal occasions, too. Pair this leather vest with a crisp white button-up shirt and cotton pants. Also, you can opt for chinos with it. Add a pair of leather boots with it, and you are ready to slay this look for formal evening parties or wedding occasions. In addition, for a more elegant look, you can piar this leather vest with a navy blue button-up shirt and patterned tie. 

Style It for the Winter Season 

Moreover, the best way to style and utilize your sons of anarchy vest is in the winter season. You can style this vest with your black turtleneck sweater and black denim. Also, add a pair of good joggers with it. This styling will keep you warm and voguish in the winter season. You can choose this style for those chilly winter evening gatherings or boys’ nightouts.

Halloween Styling With Vest

You can style this son of anarchy vest for Halloween. This jacket has the sons of anarchy logo on its back, which helps you to create a dapper and rugged look. Style this leather vest with a black T-shirt and denim pants. Also, add a pair of black shoes with it. In addition to the look, you can add accessories like chains or studs to make it look more creepy and trendy. Thus, you are ready to slay the Halloween evening but in style. 


Hence, there are so many styles for the sons of anarchy vest. We discuss many styling options for the vest. The Movie Fashion provides you with premium quality leather jackets and coats. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order today with us.