Social Media Star: Be Viral With Your Goofy Costumes This Halloween

Be Viral With Your Goofy Costumes This Halloween

Once in a while, it happens that you started seeing a single post for repeated times on your timeline. That post must’ve gone viral. Every social media influencer dreams of being viral on social media to gain more popularity and followers. There is no specific requirement for anything to get viral, but crazy things usually spread like wildfire.

A social media star’s life is not as easy as it looks, and we get that. For every holiday or occasion, you have to keep posting for your followers or find you boring. Repeating the same costume might make them look predictable.

Audiences love surprises, which means you can’t go for Batman V Superman Wonder Woman Jacket for two years in a row. It doesn’t matter how much you love it. You have to show diversity in your wardrobe, or you’ll end up looking dope.

There are many goofy costumes that you can wear and save yourself from the social media wrath.


Being a teenager in this era, the majority of you must love sloth. He must be your spirit animal. Sloth is a mammal famous for its laziness. It spends most of his life hanging on a tree; it does nothing but eat and sleep.

It is the best representation of how the majority have spent their time in this quarantine. Nailing on the couch, with access to Netflix and lots of junk to eat. This routine might’ve never caused anything productive, but it’ll help you have the best Halloween look.

This look will be distinctive from Leather Jacket CostumesCreate a real-life sloth costume. Your costume should have a furred body and cutely lazy sloth face. Your costume should look realistic so that people will be amazed by it.


The one thing needed to rock every platform is creativity. If you are creative enough to have new ideas or create new costumes, you should have the audacity to wear anything. Repeat Batman V Superman Wonder Woman Jacket, but this time with a little creativity.

Wonder Woman is a superhero, but how will she look like a witch? Pretty weird, right? Be a little distinct this year. You’ll ace the Halloween party as well as your follower’s adoration. Similarly, there are many superheroes and other characters that can be transformed into other ones.

The prowess to win over social media is in you; make it loud that you dare to turn any character into something very unusual. Joker has always been considered as the psychopath villain who has a killer smile.

Portraying him as a sober and intellectual person would be a unique idea, so go for it. Joaquin Phoenix Red Blazer will help you achieve the perfect look of the Joker. You can also go for a burgundy blazer if you have that already with you.

Red and burgundy are the two main colors of Joker’s wardrobe. The iconic green hair and Joker makeup with no touch of creepiness, forget the killer smile as he has to behave this evening. Go with this look; it’ll turn all the tables upside down.


Collectors of leather jackets always end up being happy on every occasion. They will always have spare options for any events with their Leather Jacket Costumes. So if you have leather, your life is better. Well, numerous characters have slain with their looks in leather jackets.

The personification of such characters is easier than others, like Negan Walking Dead Jacket. Just this jacket is enough for your Negan look. Despite being a sadistic and sociopath murderer, He also has an insightful and compassionate side, which he reveals once in a while.

For a simple, do nothing and still end up looking dapper, Bradley Cooper’s leather jackets look great inspirations. He does nothing but wears a black shirt over jeans with a black leather jacket, and his personality handles the rest of charisma.

His look is easy to carry, but not associated with any movie and series. For a film-inspired look, go with the Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt Jacket. A jacket that belongs to a famous movie franchise try to rock it as Chris Pratt did.

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