Riverdale Season 3: The Wonderful Jackets You Could Invest In

Riverdale Season 3 The Wonderful Jackets You Could Invest In

Whether you are living in the northern states of connecting with the Canadian border or the eastern states situated at the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, a jacket is supposedly in your things-to-rely-on list throughout the winter season.
Providing with enough warmth and a protective wall against the cold breeze, a jacket gives you the desired look and helps you finish the wintry look in a matter of seconds.

It is even better if the jacket you are wearing is somehow inspired by your favorite character from that television show which reminds yourself of him/her while allowing you to stay protected all day.

One such television show is none other than Riverdale which has featured a number of characters in tremendously hot outer layers with the cool accessories finishing a great look.

While I definitely admit the use of no compatible accessories would not have allowed these characters to grab the attention of the audiences, I would also like to admit that the use of masterpieces in terms of the outer layers significantly improved their looks and allowed them to be spotted by the fashionistas all around the world.

Being specific, the Riverdale Season 3 has a lot more to offer than the previous versions which is why every single outer layer added to the article is from the third season.

Couldn’t wait anymore to unlock the third season fashion locker and have a look at the unnoticed stuff? Let’s take a trip to the mini world of fashion inspired by the Riverdale series.

Cheryl Blossom

Season 3 Riverdale Cheryl Blossom Red Hooded Jacket

One of the main protagonists, Cheryl Blossom’s epic red outerwear has been shared thousands of times on social media. The Cheryl Blossom Riverdale Frock is the hottest outer layer with enough great features to grab the attention of any female fashion-minded girl.

Since it’s made of wool fabric and offers a dark red exterior, it could serve as a great replacement to the ultra-fascinating look of yours with other accessories helping you stand out among the crowd like a diva from another planet.

In case you are ready to give it a try and make it a permanent part of your wardrobe, take black jeans, red pumps and white turtleneck to give you the much-needed attention.

Archie Andrews

Created in 1941, Archie Andrews is not an ordinary character from the Riverdale series. Instead, he has been the part of the fashion-minded group of people of Riverdale town who are open to the change brought to their closets by the new trends rather than any kind of positive or negative change impacting their personality.

Andrews’s only accessory which makes him look like a great guy with a mindset of fashion is the blue varsity jacket which has served as the primary item in the building of his numerous casual outfits. The outer layer has simply relied on the blue and yellow colors with a buttoned closure making it look like the best piece.

Grab it or leave it, your choice, but whatever you go for, make sure you don’t rely on ordinary accessories to build a casual outfit with the blue and yellow layer being the center of attention.

Jughead Jones

The primary protagonist in the Riverdale series, Jughead Jones is unlike his opponents or rivals who keep a low profile and act like pathetic creatures with no sense of fashion.

If we talk of the outer layer rocked by Jones, it is a combination of cotton fabric and fur material working together to uplift the style of the wearer and be an integral part of one’s casual outfit without many efforts. In order to try it, all you have to do is grab a piece of a rounded shirt, leather jeans and brogue boots fitting your feet well.

Serpent’s Signature Style

Whether you love the Serpents for their wickedness or hate them to the extent you don’t want to see them winning ever, you better admit, their signature style outfit is probably the best pick to build a casual outfit and look like a guy with a deep sense of fashion.

When you walk up the street, don’t forget to act like one of the members of Serpents and ensure to boost up your mind with a deep level of confidence increasing your worth.

The signature style jacket is quite popular for featuring the dua-faced snake patch with a wide lapel collar reminding one of the classic motorcycle jackets from the late 70s.

Serpent’s Iconic Sleeveless Layer

You are always supposed to have space for a sleeveless layer in your wardrobe or else you are going to regret neglecting it.

A thick leather layer with no sleeves could be a great deal to keep up with the trends and allow yourself to be considered a fashionista with a great interest in fashionable wear.

The Serpent’s sleeveless layer is probably the best piece in terms of the number of features and the overall exterior which kind of makes it looks like a piece built for the motorcyclists only. Whatever your plans are for a casual outfit, you could grab it and prefer it over the layers with long sleeves.

Betty Cooper

The hottest girl in the series, Betty Cooper is surely the coolest of all both in terms of the fashion and the level of confidence she possesses.

Often the subject of criticism, Cooper has been very picky when it comes to investing in an outer layer. If you don’t believe that, take a look at Cooper’s classy blue and white layer with a patch at the right front.

This would definitely allow you to have an excuse to extend your closet and make sure you don’t ignore the latest trendy outer layer from an underrated television series. Wanting to opt for it to update your outerwear collection? Just pair it with cropped leggings and a pair of high heels.