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Wednesday Outfits Collection

Dive into the world of Wednesday and spooky delights with these buzz-worthy and gothic-themed jackets and outerwear this December!

While every year, Halloween comes with spooky treats for fans of Netflix and binge, this time it was no different – BUT, wait, maybe it was different. Yes, it would not be wrong to say that this year we witnessed the biggest hit of the decade, which is precisely what makes this year a lot more different in terms of entertainment than the preceding ones.

Wednesday Addams is the latest sensation among pop culture enthusiasts. Her quirky, eccentric and fun personality has been stealing hearts ever since the series was released back on November 23 as a Halloween special.The Series was a Reboot of the original series, which first aired back in the 1900s. Despite the new elements, the show’s essence has been kept the same, which has proven to be a huge plus point for the audience, who have thoroughly enjoyed watching the show, and cannot stop gushing about it.

Partly directed by Tim Burton, the series has been a quick hit, and Wednesday Addams has become a pop phenomenon specifically for teenagers, who cannot stop rooting for the character who is filled with spooky traits and anomalous tendencies.

The plot of Netflix’s Wednesday Addams

While there are many details of this horror comedy that you will love watching and discovering for yourself, here is the story of the show in a nutshell: the story follow a 16-year-old, Wednesday Addams, who is gifted with the ability to get psychic visions is sent to a boarding school for outcasts called “Nevermore” from where she is hell-bent on escaping but later finds herself drawn due to a big secret which is directly connected to her, and a catastrophe which is directly interlinked with her and her ancestors.

In a tangled web of secrets, the Addams family with their dash of dysfunctionality, high school drama abuzz with rivalries and friendship, this gore comedy has successfully set a standard for Netflix yet again, which seems hard to break in recent times.

For years, the prior versions of Wednesday Addams have been there to provide inspiration for Halloween costumes. But the fashion themes depicted in the latest version of the show are just so much better and ripe with a paradoxical inspiration that rings true to the original and even works wonders for the current generations – striking that perfect balance, all in all.

All in all, the gothic, dark academia vibe check is something that makes it a show which is worthwhile and interesting and is a must-watch binge for you – that is, if you have not watched it yet.

The Cast of the Nextflix’s Wednesday

The ensemble cast of the new show includes Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, Luiz Guzman as Gomez Addams, Catherine Zeta Jones as Morticia Addams, Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester and Issac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams playing the roles of the OG Addams clan.

Interesting Elements of the Makeup and Costumes From the Show

Although the wardrobes of the character have been part of the versions that date back to the other timelines are similar and lie on the same themes – specifically, in terms of the color palette, the unique cuts and more refined silhouettes, with a variety of distinctive outfit assortments prove to be really interesting, and a noteworthy aspect.

Jenna Ortega’s wardrobe was kept edgy and dark with a mostly black ensemble with an occasional combination of black and white. Done intentionally to keep the gothic and eccentric vibe of the character intact.

From her prom night, black dress to her black cropped leather jacket to her black and white sweater vest – the themes, cuts and color combinations are chosen and kept synchronized with a sort of deliberation.

The same is the case with her makeup – it is kept to dark shades. If you have a keen eye, you must have noticed Wednesday’s black nail paint throughout the series. Besides that, her kohl-filled eyes, along with her double braids, bring the perfect signature conclusion to her style and every look.

Wednesday is not the only person whose wardrobe is given a sort of signature touch; there are other characters too, who have been provided with the same sort of wardrobe that resonates with their personality in equal measure.

For instance, Enid Sinclair, who is shown to be the exact opposite of Wednesday, has a totally polar opposite wardrobe as well. While Wednesday is dark, she is, on the other hand, full of sunshine and brightness (literally too much brightness at that, probably) – and, definitely, this paradox is one of the elements that draws the audience in immediately.

From the brightly sumptuous blazer worn with the white shirt to her preppy blue eyeliner, there is just so much going on within her every ensemble that it actually becomes impossible not to seek some inspiration.

Grab the Best Wednesday Addams Outfits

Being a fan of a show goes a long way these days. It is not just about gushing about your favorite characters or joining those fandom discussions, but rather, even going all out and becoming part of those cosplays, organizing the themed parties and wearing the outfits that are inspired by them. The experience just gets so much better, no? When you have learned the nuances and get to live like your favorite characters.

Here is a list of some of the savvy pieces that can prove to be really great for you if you want to channel the Wednesday energy and redefine your style in that edgy and savage way, just as the goth queen of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How Many Episodes does Netflix Show Wednesday Have?

There are eight episodes in total.

      2. How long is Each Episode?

Each show episode is not longer than 45 minutes which means it is highly watchable.

      3. Is there Going to Be Another Season of Wednesday?

The show did end on a cliffhanger, which means there is a high chance of the second season coming out next year, hopefully.

      4. What Makes Wednesday a Halloween Classic?

Wednesday Addams has been a Halloween classic ever since the first show came out back in the 90s. It has proven to be one of the shows that have remained constant and have been watched with ritualistic fervor.

      5. Can I Binge the Show in One Sitting?

Yes, you definitely can watch the show in one sitting because of the number of episodes it has.

      6. What Makes the Dance Sequence from the Show Such a Huge Hit?

Going viral everywhere, the Ortega’s dance has literally smashed the records of popularity on reels and TikTok everywhere. What sets the dance as a legit hit is its quirkiness, and the fact that the dance legit depicts the vibe of the character makes it a lot more authentic.

      7. What Would Be the Best Pair of Shoes with the Black Dress Jenna Wore in the Prom Episode?

To compliment your cute, gothic look, a pair of doc martens or black heels make the right pick to go with.

      8. Why Every Episode of the Wednesday Includes the Word “Woe”? 

The use of the word woe in the title of each episode has resonance with the origin of the name of Wednesday, which was inspired by a nursery rhyme.

      9. Should I Read the Comics of the Show, which brought the Original Series back in the Early 1900s?

You can, if you want to, for the added experience and see how the story has changed and evolved. Although, there is no strict need for that because the show can be watched as a standalone spin-off too.

      10. Can I Recreate the Iconic Prom Look of the Wednesday?

Yes, there has been much uproar surrounding every outfit worn by the character. Certainly, the black prom look will be the talk of the town in the coming years for Halloween.

      11. Who Designed the Costumes of Wednesday?

The fashion sense of Wednesday is definitely pretty note-worthy. Her outfits were designed by Collen Atwood, who really brought life into the character and made it the OG goth queen she is known to be.

      12. Who is the Star Performer in the Show?

While everyone did a great job playing their roles, hands down, Ortega remained the finest performer in the series.