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Mean Girls Outfits Merchandise

Some films are in our memories for a long time, and when a sequel of the same movie is about to come, our memories get refreshed again. The same happens with the film Mean Girls. Indeed, Means Girls have a special place in our hearts. This 2004 film shows a spoiled brat teen and how a newcomer defeats her. Good news for all Mean Girls fans is here: the film’s sequel is coming this year, and we are more excited than ever. Thus, there are many reasons for excitement, but the main reason is the film’s fashion. Undoubtedly, Mean Girls Outfits Merchandise is a treat for fashion enthusiasts.

Moreover, we all know that Regina George is a millionaire’s daughter; therefore, her styling is always classy and trendy. You can experience this from the first season, too. The filmmakers put all their efforts into meeting Regina’s previous styling level. Some of her and Cady’s clothing staples are discussed below, which can help your shopping spree.

Regina George’s Chic Styling

Reene Rapp plays Regina George’s iconic role in the new release. Reene is an American singer and actor; you can see her skills at various shows. Indeed, Reene is a talented person, and she always tries to deliver her best. She portrays the bee queen’s role very well.

Moreover, in the Mean Girls Outfits Merchandise, you can see many iconic ensembles from Regina’s closet. These outerwear are the best to style for your college or formal or casual gatherings.

At one point, Reene wears a black leather jacket that is a jackpot for fashion collectors. This outcalls Mean Girls Regina George Black Jacket features genuine leather and buttoned closure. Moreover, this black leather jacket is the best style for all seasons. You can pair it with any outfit, and it will make it graceful.

Moreover, Regina has a strong personality, so her clothing choice is also very edgy and classy. Her Mean Girls Regina George Brown Leather Coat is the evidence. And the way she wears the coat is unbelievable. The coat features genuine leather with a buttoned closure and a shirt-style collar. Thus, it’s the best style for parties and friends’ gatherings.

Furthermore, Regina is a party lover; some fashion picks are bold and vibrant. She often chooses bold colors to highlight her personality. Her Mean Girls Regina George Pink Jacket is one of them. This pink jacket features premium fabric material with zipper closure and lapel collars. Its pink hue makes it cuter, and you can add this to your neutral outfits to make them poppy and stylish.

Cady Heron Subtle Styling

Angourie Rice plays the role of Cady Heron in the film. Cady is a new admission to the school, and the story takes hilarious turns when Cady becomes the new bee queen by defeating Regina. Undoubtedly, angourie’s character is very subtle and classy. It will reflect in her fashion, too. You can see how her styling is in Mean Girls Outfits Merchandise.

At the premiers, you can see Angourie wearing a classic black blazer. This Mean Girls Cady Heron Black Blazer breaks all records of popularity. The Blazer features premium quality fabric and has buttoned closure and lapel collars. Thus, it is the best styling option for summer events. Pair it with your mini dress or layer it over a tank top and enjoy the concerts or parties in full swing.

Moreover, her Mean Girls Cady Heron Green Jacket is also making waves on the fashion charts. The jacket features pure cotton fabric and has a buttoned closure with lapel collars. It is the classic choice for your college days.

In short, the Mean Girls clothing line is ideal if you are a sophomore or need an edge in your college styling. Therefore, visit The Movie Fashion’s website today and Shop Mean Girls Outfits now!