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The Great Gatsby Jackets

The 20’s was all about eternal style, class and graze. The whole decade is immersed in the lovely jazz music, short hair and some style statements we still follow today. Leonardo Dicaprio appeared in the remake of The Great Gatsby, originally a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the now called movie Gatsby. This movie took us to the 1920’s, with a melancholic air of love, loss and everything in between. As for the clothing, everyone loves a retro fashion look.
Leo’s wardrobe in Gatsby gave us some unreal great gatsby style men ideas, that might not actually be that hard to replicate. great gatsby guys clothes used as the wardrobe of the characters are total reflection of how classy the dressing was, of the people in that decade. Everyone took style very seriously and it is really evident by the minute details of one’s dressing. Jay Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio) looks a sight for sore eyes, in every suit of his. All the jackets worn by the lead star are remarkably well fitted and styled, with subtle contrasting colors and matching ties.gatsby attire for male is the ultimate style statement which must be followed by all men who care about their looks. Light colors and subtle choices of tones weren’t the only dimension of Gatsby’s clothing. Jay Gatsby was also seen donning a pink suit, which might intimidate some men however. But a light salmon pink wouldn’t hurt a true man’s ego, just so you know! great gatsby costume ideas for guys are endless. You could go for a white suit in linen, pair an old school cane, a cigar to your lips, some nice cufflink, a binding tie, a plain shirt and some nice leather shoes! There, you’re a Gatsby of your own. Also, add a beautiful Daisy to the things you might need to really pull off a Gatsby cosplay. There’s no Gatsby without a Daisy. Make sure you get everything you need! Gatsby brought back the white tie- black tie attire and it’s perhaps wise to embrace it.A tuxedo makes everything look classy but since it cannot be worn on semi-casual or casual events, our new line of casual Tux jackets makes sure we have it covered! This collection is absolutely inspired by gatsby dress men styles where all of our designs are selected keeping the 1920’s fashion in mind.