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Kingsman Jackets

You know what real men do? They Dress Like A Kingsman and act like a true gentleman! Taking a break from your usual macho-men like Bond, let’s talk about some real classy men who break all of their enemies down without creasing their suit. This year, we are all hyped up with the English movie; The Kingsman; The Golden Circle. The original Kingsman movie is about a spy network whose ‘front’ is a high-class London tailor’s shop.The characters can be seen donning some real classy suits which makes all of us want to get one too! All of the kingsman clothes are especially designed to keep the supreme masculinity of a well-fitted suit intact. The Golden Circle has our hopes up and we all really look forward to see our favorite agents all suited up from head to toe. With a new movie, there’s always a new mission and when these men go on a new mission, they always get a new wardrobe; one even better than the last one. We are yet again in complete awe of the new bespoke kingsman secret service clothing collection. Always remember, Manners Maketh Man! Keep that in mind as you picture Colin Firth destroying the thugs from Britain. The Secret Service gave major style goals to all the gentlemen out there and the same could be said for the The Golden Circle Tuxedo designs too. Suits and British accent make an excellent combo! There’s nothing like it. No one pulls them off like Colin Firth, though. Kingsman is a great crash course in stylish dressing. The clothes are a character in their own right.Totally for thinking out loud, what suits do they wear in kingsman? How are they so different and classy at the same time but just the same too? Cowboy style denim and shearling jackets have been added to their new movie wardrobe and it is more exciting than ever! Well, our newest line takes the inspiration right from the heart of the movie itself. As they said, a suit is a modern gentleman’s armor. And the Kingsman agents are the new knights. Amen to that!