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Blade Runner Jackets

There are very few actors in hollywood that are liked by men and women alike. Ryan Gosling has been a fan favorite ever since he made big in the industry. Ryan Gosling is astoundingly gorgeous; that’s the only way we could put it. ryan gosling leather jacket style statements have been in the limelight at multiple times. His boy-next-door looks gives him that boyish charm we all can’t resist! Another one for the science fiction movie lovers! In the American thriller packed movie; the Blade Runner 2049, Gosling plays the role of an officer; this has nothing to do with a girl whatsoever. We are all used to seeing him as the iconic romantic sweetheart but this time the man is showing off colors we’ve never seen before! We really hope these thrilling action protagonist colors do suit him! Officer K has already been a fan favorite with his charming good looks and new found boldness. The role of a protagonist really does suit him! As the movie goes on and on about Officer K’s quest to find the long-lost Blade Runner, all of eyes are on the officer k outfit. He is seen flaunting the most iconic look of a long shearling coat, rustling about the streets.Speaking of, the blade runner shearling jacket has been tremendously popular in the news with some vegan controversies surfacing the stories about the jacket. blade runner fur coat that dropped to Gosling’s knees have got more attention than the actor himself and we are so not overstating it! Rejuvenate your closet selection with our ryan gosling jacket blade runner collection.Our handmade designed coats and jackets makes sure to give you a refined look with it’s robust texture and the rugged edge. Only the best of materials have been used to put these beauties together, at your expense. They’re comfortable, durable and kick-ass at the same time! Rest assured, Blade Runner 2049 is one hell of a movie, which deserves one hell of a merchandise!