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A Walk Among the Tombstones

Liam Neeson is one of the most renowned actors of the Hollywood film industry. His rugged features and bold personality gives him a certain vibe that not many people can radiate. He recently starred in the movie called A Walk Among The Tombstones which made really big on the box office and had a great turnout among the fans. This movie belongs to the American neo-noir drama thriller genre which also have a lot of suspense. It is an adaptation of Lawrence Block’s suspense novel. Liam Neeson is seen sporting this iconic look of a brown coat over his casual attire. The liam neeson jacket suits his personality so much! This look gives him an edge, making him look all shady and stunning. The whole plot of the movie is quite dark and mysterious, which makes it very exciting and thrilling. There is some very smart and brilliant play between the characters which keeps the watcher truly entertained. Liam Neeson plays the role of Matthew Scudder really well as he sets a new revolution of style and power. He plays the role of an ex-cop, which suits his persona as well as his whole outlook. His role was quite compelling; probably one of the most important roles he has played in his whole career. Neeson is excellent throughout the whole movie; his actions and expressions reveals all you need to know about the character even if he barely utters a word. A Matthew Scudder coat would make a great present for a Liam Neeson fan. The man is admired all around the world for his acting skills. Our new line of coats inspired by this movie are made with perfection. The focus is on the details which makes every piece of this line smooth and fabulous.