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Hightown Outfits 

Hightown is an American series based on crime. The series had two seasons and eighteen episodes. The audience rated the series as average. Besides, the Hightown Outfits got attention. The attires of the cast were highly prominent in the series. The outfits collection of the series is versatile and compelling. Fans are eager to buy these stunning attires.

The collection has over ten exquisite outfits. Firstly, the brown vest of Abruzzo has a classic and vintage style. The vest is quite traditional and old-school. The beauty of the vest lies in its simplicity and decency. Moreover, the green jacket of Jackie is excellent for casual wear. The jacket radiates cool vibes. The black jacket is elegant, and it emits a classic look. 

Furthermore, the brown shearling jacket of Riley is suitable for wearing in cold weather. It has good insulation layers. Hightown Jackets and Coats are highly versatile and unique. In addition, the pink puffer jacket of Renee gets its uniqueness from the texture. The brown leather jacket of George has a fantastic and prominent look. So, if you are looking for an all-rounded collection of outfits, this collection is perfect for you.