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Our Phenomenal Succession Jackets Collection Is Live

If we think of an ironic black comedy genre, the television series that tops the list is HBO Succession. The story of this show revolves around the Roy Family, which owns a media corporation. The main character, Logan Roy, has to decide which of his four children will succeed him as the head of the company. The show’s theme, which explores power, loyalty, family relations and the corrupting effect of wealth, makes this show worth watching. This show has been loved and received well by audiences worldwide because of its strong plot, exceptional acting skills and stunning Succession Jackets Collection

This show has many seasons, so you can binge-watch it and enjoy your leisure time. The first season was launched in 2018. Since then, the series has received many awards and appreciation for its writing, humor, acting, musical score, and direction. Apart from this, the other aspect that made all the fashion mongers hooked to this show was the distinctive costumes and outfits. All the characters’ personalities are finely portrayed through the Succession Jackets. This made this show even more popular, and people keen on fashion closely followed this series. 

Iconic yet Stylish Winter Wear For Every Fan

So, If you are also from one of the fans that religiously followed this show, stay updated about trendy clothes. There is good news for you, as The Movie Fashion has come up with the list of the most eye-catching and sleek Succession Jackets Collection. These chic attires must be a part of your wardrobe if you are a succession fan. Keep reading to know more about the hot-selling apparel. 

  • Stay Comfy and Snug With Shearling Jacket

Stay Comfy and Snug With Shearling Jacket

Kenday Roy is the main protagonist of the television show “Succession.” This character was portrayed by Jeremy Strong, who is the eldest son of the Roy Family. The character seems confident but does have some doubts and anxiousness to his core.  Roy enjoys luxury and also likes exhibiting it through his distinctive and modish clothes. His Succession Kendall Roy Brown Jacket became a big hit as soon as it appeared on screen. 

The jacket is an amalgamation of comfort and warmth. It is cut and designed with premium polyester fabric with an inner viscose lining. To allow you to wear it for longer period of time. The front zipper closure, shearling collar and shearling frontline make this jacket unusual. You can style this jacket for casual as well as for formal occasions because of its always trendy brown color. The four pockets attached to this apparel make it a complete package as you can carry your belongings without compromising on style. So grab this Succession Clothing item today!

  • Dress Elegantly With Succession Vest

Dress Elegantly With Succession Vest

Josh Aaronson, played by Adrien Broody, is another character who grabbed everyone’s attention. One of the major investors of Waystar Rayco, the company owned by the Roy family. Josh describes his character as shady, someone who is charming yet dangerous. We saw this character in the fourth episode of season 3, and he became the talk of the town. The edgy outfits complemented the interesting character. The Succession Josh Aaronson Orange Puffer Vest was vogue but comfortable. 

Influenced by Adrien Broody’s character, The Movie Fashion has made this puffer jacket in high-quality parachute fabric. To ensure its warmth and durability, we have lined it with viscose. The jacket features an edgy stand-up collar along with a zipper closure. It gives additional warmth, making it perfect for freezing temperatures. Moreover, it is easy to wear and pair with different outfits. It comes in an unconventional orange color, making it distinctive from other vests. The two front and two inside pockets allow the wearer to keep his necessary stuff. So, add Succession Outfits to your winter collection today. 

  • Flight Jacket You Must Own This Winter

Flight Jacket You Must Own This Winter

We all like to dress elegantly in winters but also don’t like to shiver because of the cold temperature. To solve this issue, The Movie Fashion has introduced a perfect winter wear for you. Inspired by Kendal Roy, the character in television show “Succession” , we have crafted Succession Jeremy Strong Waystar Flight Bomber Jacket. This outerwear is not only stylish but will ensure that you are snug and protected even in minus temperatures. 

We have manufactured the same jacket in satin fabric. To make sure it is lightweight and easy to carry. The designer has lined the inner with viscose to make sure one is comfortable. Additionally, the shirt-style collar and zipper closure provide a casual, modern look. The full-length sleeves and rib-knitted cuffs also have four pockets, two outside and two on the inside, to keep your belongings handy. Explore our Succession Jackets Collection today, and place the order right away. 

  • Look Attractive With a Bomber Jacket 

Initially designed for the aircrew, the bomber jacket became a huge hit because of its effective style and warmth. It became popular and now has its own fashion category. Kendal Roy’s Succession Wardrobe also comprises this jacket. We were inspired by this article and decided to include it in our fashion catalog. 

Fabricated with premium suede leather, this jacket promises to be a luxury in disguise. The inner viscose lining will keep you safe from harsh winter winds. The coat features a classic lapel collar and a buttoned front closure, adding to its timeless appeal. The stand up collar, full length sleeves and ribbed cuffs gives it a sturdy yet relaxed appearance. The intellectual grey color along with spacious four pockets make Kendall Roy Succession Grey Suede Jacket a mandatory purchase. 

Get Your Style Statement!

Succession Jackets Collection is now available at The Movie Fashion. These jackets are the imitation of the television cast’s wardrobe. However, this doesn’t mean it will cost an arm and leg. Explore through our entire collection and buy the piece to recreate the exact look of your favorite character. Place your order today!