Accentuate Your Image With Masters of The Air Clothing

Masters Of The Air Clothing

Undoubtedly, the entertainment industry has been combating different genres for a long time and to date, you can find films and series in every genre. People nowadays are more into history and want to explore the events that happened a century ago. These events include the big event of history: World War. Indeed, World War impacted the world, and to date, the world is suffering from the after-effects. You can see many series and films in this neo-noir genre. Masters of the Air is an upcoming investment. This war drama is running as a miniseries on television and is gaining fame daily. Masters Of The Air Clothing

The series revolves around a group of daring fighters who fight against the enemy. The film is based on brotherhood, loss and love. This cult-classic series has made everyone fall in love. Moreover, the fashion is also very vintage. Masters Of The Air Clothing is on all fashion charts nowadays. But what is the unique thing in its clothing that makes everyone crazy over it? The answer is very straightforward. The movie’s choice of jackets is very classic. 

Thus, leather jackets evolved during World War I for flight aviators to keep them warm at high altitudes and low temperatures. Therefore, as the movie is based on the war era, the makers take fashion very seriously. And by seeing Masters Of The Air Wardrobe,  you will be more convinced. The choice of jackets was accurate, like in the war era. Therefore, these vintage outerwear have become famous, and people want them in their closets, too. 

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Moreover, I will share some classic jackets from the series in today’s discussion. It will help you in your shopping spree. Let’s jump on the bandwagon. 


Firstly, we have a shearling aviator jacket from the series. Do you know what an aviator jacket is? Designers evolve the aviator jackets for the flight aviators. These are waist-length flight jackets with multiple pockets and zipper closures that make the wearer comfortable and classy. Therefore, these jackets are in fashion to date. They can keep you warm and stylish throughout the season. In the Masters of the Air series, you can see the Masters of the Air Harry Crosby Shearling Jacket, which is the epitome of style and class. The shearling aviator jackets were one of the mainstream fashions of the series. Below, I will share another classic outerwear. 

Masters Of The Air Austin Butler Shearling Aviator Jacket 

Masters of the Air Austin Butler

Austin Butler is one of the most famous and renowned actors in Hollywood. In the series, he plays the main lead, Major Gale Cleven. Indeed, Austin’s fashion choices are very peculiar, and you can see him wearing cult jackets in the series. His famous Masters of the Air Austin Butler shearling jacket was one of his best staples.

Thus, this shearling jacket features genuine leather and has an inner faux shearling lining. Moreover, the coat has a faux shearling collar with zipper closure. Also, it has two inside and two outside pockets. This classic brown jacket is a vintage piece from the series, and everyone liked it a lot. 


  • Thus, style these chic Masters of the Air Austin Butler shearling jacket with a checkered button-up shirt and matching brown pants. Add suede leather boots with the look, and you are ready for a weekend brunch.
  • Moreover, pair the brown shearling jacket with a black shirt and matching denim pants. Add black leather boots with the look. This look goes well for any night out and clubbing parties.
  • Moreover, pair it with a brown turtleneck and green pants. Add brown leather boots with it and slay any evening or party. 

Masters Of The Air Callum Turner Shearling Brown Jacket

The next topic in the discussion is Callum Turner’s jacket. Callum needs no introduction. He is a British actor and model. His fashion picks are always accurate, and he loves to follow trends. In the series, his famous Masters of the Air Callum Turner Jacket is the best staple ever. 

Thus, this classic shearling jacket features genuine leather as its external material and has an inner faux shearling lining. Its front has a zipper closure with a faux shearling collar. Furthermore, it has two inside and two outside pockets. Indeed, this beige shearling aviator jacket is the best pick for your everyday winter fashion. 


  • There are numerous ways to style these sizzling Masters of the Air Callum Turner Jacket. Pair it with a red plaid shirt and beige chinos. Add suede leather boots with the look, and you are ready for a laid-back look.
  • Moreover, pair the shearling jacket with a white knitted sweater and jeans. Add white or black joggers with it. This look goes well with your winter casual styling. 


No one can replace the importance of wool coats for the winter. Indeed, wool coats are the best picks for winter shopping. They add charm and class to any outfit. Moreover, they are easy to style and thus make your presence classy. In the series, you can see stars wearing some classic coats. Below, I will share one of them.


Masters Of The Air Bucky Wool Coat

Winter is all about flaring long coats and classic jackets. Therefore, during the winter season, people pay special attention to shopping. If you also want to incorporate a classic winter staple in your wardrobe this season, pick the trending Masters of the Air Bucky Coat. This classic wool coat by Callum Turner can be your winter companion for years. 

Thus, this coat features premium-quality wool fabric and has an inner viscose lining. Its front has a buttoned and belted closure. Also, it has lapel collars. In short, this green hue wool coat is the best outerwear for your winter styling. 


  • Pair the Masters of the Air Bucky Coat with a plain t-shirt and blue jeans. Add white joggers with it, and a perfect style is ready.
  • However, pair the coat with a red button-up shirt and olive-green cotton pants. This perfect date night look will make you shine in the evening. 
  • Furthermore, pair it with a beige turtleneck and white cotton pants. Add a beige woolen scarf, and you are ready to combat winters in style.

However, if you want a cotton bomber jacket, go for Masters of the Air Richard Macon Jacket. This cotton fabric jacket is the best pick as an all-year outerwear. You can wear and style this lightweight upper with any of the outfits. 

It can be a stealer deal from the Masters Of The Air Clothing.


In conclusion, these tunics are the best choice for your winter shopping. You can wear and style them however you like. These leather jackets and wool coats are the best gift for your loved ones. Also, there is no need to worry if you are worried about the budget. The Movie Fashion offers terrific Winter Jackets on Sale on their website. Therefore, hurry up and shop all these classic tunics today!