Whether we are talking about the movies joker has been in or the comics he has discussed. All of the content just gets supremely interesting and talented whenever DC puts Joker in it. Remember Batman in the movie the Dark Knight. If you just start talking about the movie, the discussion won’t stop. Joker in his joker purple coat, and then over the top, he has been directed by Christopher Nolan.

He started from Batman, and now he has covered a path of getting his own movie. Yes! Joker the movie was the biggest success of 2019. If only someone can show darkness on your screen with emotions and sentiments, then no doubt it is DC and Warner Bros(WB) together who created magic.


Having a boggling history and complex origins, till now, the real origins of Joker has not been stated. Just like his personality, his name has issues as well. Before the movie Joker, confusion was at its peak. Jack or Arthur? But now it is all clear. Arthur, it is.

Similarly, how a joker becomes the Joker is a different story. In the movie, Arthur becomes a joker because of the miseries he went through.

Whereas in the batman movie, it was shown that his skin was bleached out, and then he became Joker by covering up the scars with makeup.


Initially, DC planned to remove the character Joker from the comics. The plan was to kill him. He was just a one-shot character. His witty, weird, and especially laugh made him what he is today.

Joker probably is one of those characters who have spent a whole rollercoaster life. A poor lad who is raised by a disturbed mother. A schizophrenic mother who gave all and all pain and trouble to him. The side that we know of the Joker is bad and evil. Whereas there was a whole other life he had to spend before becoming Joker. Depression, sadness was what he was going through. A child who never gets nurturing, who never felt what comfort actually feels like, after going through such phases, that is exactly what is expected to come.


There are several movies Joker has been part of. The initial Batman movie in which the Joker was shown as a completely different character was the first glimpse into this complex character. Then comes The Dark Knight. Dark Knight was the actual bloom period of Joker’s character. And then you get “suicide squad.” Honestly speaking, you will find Joker hilarious and witty in the suicide squad. Let’s discuss his character in the suicide squad now.


A movie that faced a lot of backlashes. And if we may say while watching the movie, the instant reaction would be “ what were they thinking?” by they mean Warner Bros and DC. Extremely poor character development. The extended group of DC villains with zero background story was introduced like roadside people.

We have gathered a lot of intel about where exactly Suicide Squad went wrong. First of all, taking DC’s villain in it and then side-casting Joker. Which was a painful move, seriously! Unacceptable behavior from WB, don’t you think? Little did they know, Joker was the lamest character in the movie.

What people get from the movie was a little insight into Joker’s love life. We at least get to know that Joker has a girlfriend. Not just any girl, but Harley Quinn. Just to let you know, she is no less than any other DC villain. She has her own swag and ruggedness. Surely Joker trapped a tough one. But we all were wishing that only if Joker has substantial screen time.

Other than Harley and Joker, we all absolutely loved the suicide squad joker purple coat. It is different this time because it is in dark purple color with crocodile skin textured fabric. If you have seen the movie and then observed people around you, then you know how much people loved it. In concerts, themed parties, or even on Halloween, you will see people wearing Jared Leto joker coat.

Just so we let all the joker fans know that in suicide squad 2, you won’t be seeing any joker in it. And it is all relative. If you are asking for the reason why? Then here are the details. As the extended universe of DC was not a hit initially, and people were actually bashing DC for keeping Joker in it. Fans were seeing a completely different and weird kind of a Joker. Hence DC decided to keep Joker apart from it. And maybe that is the reason why Joker broke up with Harley Quinn.

What we saw in Suicide Squad we did not like. But then, when our screens were blessed with the original and dark side of the Joker, we nearly forgot how stupid he was in the suicide squad. Yes, we are talking about JOKER, the movie.

That is what we fans crave for; that is how we remember Joker. A smiley person but hundreds of pain reside behind his smile.

You know this one interesting fact about Joker’s character. His smile was inspired by a silent movie. An old creepy movie, “The Man Who Laughs,” and comparatively, it was uncanny.

As mind-boggling as Joker’s character is, sometimes he says things that legit play with your mind. “Why so serious?” Any time of the day, if someone asks you this question, you will literally, for a moment, pause yourself and then get back to the normal work.

As this character of Joker, aka Arthur, whether you add him into an extended version or the regular one, he is dark, vigilant, agile, and a person who has no strings attached. His character is toxic shit, yet he himself is immune to all other toxins. No matter how much you are writing about this character because then it is never enough. You will always find something deeper and more awful yet pitiful about Joker.