James Bond Style Guide: Unmatched Outfits of the Undercover Agent

James Bond Style Guide Unmatched Outfits of the Undercover Agent

The center of attention of numerous Hollywood films, novels, books, and television shows, James Bond maintains a great reputation as a highly intellectual and a fierce spy among British readers.

A result of the work of a British novelist, James Bond may have millions of fans around the world with most of them being mainly in love with his charismatic personality, unmatched attitude, and an irresistible physical feature keeping him above his companions.

While his style guide is probably the reason a lot of his fans still follow his old and new looks, the other aspects of his personality besides a great style also plays a key role in making the readers and viewers get attached to his existence.

Since Bond enjoys a great relationship with fashion despite being on high-level missions, it gets even important to talk of his outfit style and pick up what suits the interests of the style-conscious individuals.

Every other Hollywood film features the central character to be the hottest one and James Bond’s films are no exception. Therefore, you can find so many people have an exchange of thoughts about the tremendously awesome outfits given to the British undercover agent.

If the sole reason for your being here is to learn about some of his coolest looks and adopt his style, then you are definitely not at the wrong place. Let’s take a look at only the best of his outfits and disintegrate them into pieces for a better understanding of his style.

Like A Boss

James Bond Navy Blue Coat

Featuring seriousness on his face all the time, James Bond has been considered the sexiest spy to ever exist in British novels. Trained in combat fighting, Bond heavily relies on a formal look for the attention-grabbing attitude which has allowed him to expand his fashion-dominated fan base and even has made his enemies respect him.

When you take a look at his formal outfits, you will find unnumbered examples, however, the best one is composed of the classy James Bond Navy Blue Coat which truly reveals his love for the formal attire.

A long layer like the blue coat rocked with grey dress pants and a formal white shirt supported by a grey tie is an exceptionally great combination of the formal elements mixed up together for an alluring look.

This formal look has defined the invisible charisma in Bond’s underrated personality and his intention to outclass the so-called formal fashion supporters.

If you are truly wanting to follow his style guide and pick up something extraordinary, you better stick with this formal look of Bond and pay him tribute for his unconditional services to the audience.

A Typical Secret Service Agent Look

James Bond Trench Coat

No matter what but the Victorian era style outfits are still alive despite the passage of a century. One of the most glorious outfits, the Victorian era outfits enabled men to truly transform their clothing style and act like worthy gentlemen.

A loyal servant of the British Queen, James Bond, on several occasions, has adopted the Victorian era dress code like an undercover agent. Relying upon the James Bond Trench Coat for recognition from the style observers, Bond’s secret-service-agent-like outfit is an astonishing choice that reminds us of the Victorian era style, unless you love looking like an undercover agent, you can’t enjoy rocking the sizzling hot outfit.

So, before you take a step forward to buy any of the accessories used to compose Bond’s outfit, make sure you love being considered a spy or else there might be no great reason to go for it.

For a Winter-Hater

Just because Bond is a trained spy doesn’t mean winter never bothers him to add an extra layer to his outfit for his own survival. Featuring the chunky accessories like a blue parachute jacket, the 3rd outfit is built using denim pants, brown sunglasses and a black turtleneck supporting the protector of the British interests from the merciless cold weather.

Since a hooded collar is attached to the parachute outer layer, you can be sure your ears are going to be safe from the unwanted cold breeze. In addition, if you want to bring up something to new to the style, you can go for a pair of white high-top converse or also replace the denim pants with much better and hotter camouflage trouser.

The Casual Version

James Bond Casual Version

Whether it’s about a spy or a common man, casual fashion is something everyone else loves adopting. Undoubtedly, it’s perhaps the most popular form of fashion with almost every other fashionista being a fan of it.
Just like every other teenager, Bond also tends to turn himself into a teenager by grabbing the casual items and mixing them well enough to create a strikingly outfit.

Made of the winter essentials like a knit cap and a think white turtleneck, Bond’s casual outfit clearly features a subtle look with voguish wool made jacket touching his chest.

So if you have nothing in your closet for a casual outfit, consider creating a list of these accessories and use them to build an outfit revealing your younger version.

A Style Like No Other

If you are a fashionista, you better act like one or stop pretending to be one! If you know what I mean, enjoy exercising the right of making as many changes to your closet as you can.

In case you are fed up of the ordinary elements occupying extra space in your closet and want to do something about it. Worry not and keep yourself open for British agent’s Skyfall outfit featuring the basic winter essentials like a splendid cotton layer, brown-colored muffler hanging on his neck and a thick sweater adding elegance to his looks.

When you don’t want to settle for less and want yourself to be recognized among those who have always underestimated your taste, choices like these would definitely help you have your worth back while forcing your critics to recognize you for your exceptional taste beyond their expectations.

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