Jackets x Entertainment – The Best Fusion of the History!

The Best Fusion of the History Jackets x Entertainment

What’s your favorite fusion? For us, it’s of the jackets and the showbiz world. This fusion is the most charismatic one out there, and if you dive deep into it, there are more details to this combination that will blow you off your feet. Jackets are now having a big part of the wardrobe collection of many TV series, movies, theatres, and even animes. Acing in the long coats to rocking the short-length jackets, the celebrities give us styling ideas every time they come on screens. The best part is that these top layers make the ultra Classic Halloween Costumes too!

Take the outfit collection of a recent TV series or go to the ’80s and look at the Akira Jacket from the legendary anime movie. The jackets have been infused in the entertainment industry for a long period now. Let’s take a quick look at the iconic jackets from the popular TV series and movies that got the attention of many.

A Superhero Jacket From the DC World:

Wonder woman, the recent leader of the Justice League, is seen as the most powerful and invincible character from the DC world. Well, there could be some doubts about it by the fans, but the one thing that everybody agrees with is the gorgeous costume of hers. Although having many solo movies of her own in the comic and the real world, Wonder Woman was also spotted in some scenes in the ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)’ movie.

The Batman V Superman Wonder Woman Jacket from the movie covered the headlines for many days. The beautiful earthy tone of brown with vibrant yellow color makes this jacket a balanced choice of every fashionista. The signature four huge stars on each sleeve and the Wonder Woman iconic ‘W’ in the middle lift the jacket with a touch of style.

Another Supernatural Jacket, But From the Marvel World:

The jacket that makes the best Classic Halloween Costumes from the superhero world is none other than the Star-Lord’s. The main protagonist role from the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movies is played by Chris Pratt, the man known for his alluring personality. His signature jacket was in maroon color, which made it entirely different from all other characters. The gorgeous sharp cuts and smooth edges of this Star Lord Leather Jacket, even on the collars and sleeves, just enhanced the overall look of Star-Lord. It is the best outcome of this historical fusion!

A Gangster Jacket From The Small Screens:

The popular criminal gang from the TV series ‘Riverdale’ is loved by most of the people. All because of the heart-throb Cole Sprouse, aka Jug, who is the leader. The Southside Serpents gear up in their gang jackets i.e., a Riverdale Serpents Jacket to stand out from normal civilians. The green snake at the back of the jacket indicates the traditions of Uktena, who possessed the land before Riverdale was founded. This jacket is recently the hottest pick among the real-world Serpents who wear this gloomy Riverdale Serpents Jacket in the costume parties.

A Capsulated Jacket From The Anime World:

Allow us to take you back to the ’80s and hit you with a storm of nostalgia. The movie that broke all the box office records in 1988 with the top-notch graphics, high-end direction, and incredible top layers is none other than ‘Akira.’ The movie that focused on Tokyo’s post-apocalypse situation gave us a legendary biker gang lead, Kaneda. The reason that people love him despite everything is the traits of his personality that many people relate with. A tough guy from the outside but a softie from the inside, Kaneda in Akira Jacket became the most favorite of people at that time.

His jacket was in vibrant red color, having a glossy exterior. The identity of his gang was a ‘Capsule’ that was printed on the back saying ‘Good For Health, Bad for Education’, according to some people, describes the real motto of the gang. As pills are good for your life, joining the gang would also keep you safe, and schools are for nerd and losers, taking pills (drugs) would make you addicted, convincing you to skip school. Interesting, isn’t it?

These breathtaking jackets from the screenplays universe are the best options for Classic Halloween Costumes. Just get a jacket that you love the most and don it everywhere as they are for all!

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