How to Make the Most Out of Valentine’s Day this Year

How to Make the Most Out of Valentine's Day this Year

It is in no way possible to give up on the prospect of doing something special that you will remember down the lane when V-day provides you with a whole day with many opportunities. Yes, yes,  we totally understand that you are a firm believer of the fact that one should never be limited to dedicating just one day to their loved ones, but let’s face it: the world that we are inhibiting currently is moving on quite a fast pace. 

Amidst the long to-do lists, we rarely get the chance to pause and do what needs to be done, right? Whether you wish to curate themed outfits adorned with cute Valentine day jackets or you want to go on a shopping binge – when you have a chance to sit back and relax, the ideal thing to do is to grab the chance – trust us, when we tell you that.

So, get ready and spend your day with some fun activities that you can divide throughout the day, and spend your day to the fullest. Read on to learn more!

Plan a Date with Your Favorite Person

Plan a Date with Your Favorite Person

Dates do not have to be limited to a singular day, but who said you should not appreciate an opportunity that lets you enjoy a date to its fullest glory? It might sound like a big, fat cliche, but dates on a V-day make a big deal of difference of sorts. Although you really do not have to be all fancy, but a well-planned date can actually end up lighting up your day. From locating a worthwhile place to deciding on the menu or even planning a specific theme, you can take into consideration many aspects and make your overall experience entirely customized.

 So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up – from curating the Valentines day outfits to deciding on the location – you have got plenty of things that need to be taken care of.

Ditch the Norms and Have a Slow Lazy Day Wearing the Coziest Clothes

Ditch the Norms and Have a Slow Lazy Day Wearing the Coziest Clothes

Doing something special for your loved ones does not have to be about showy gestures and big proclamations, but a lot of times, all you need to do is to take your much-needed slow day and have your time. So, if you are skeptical, and have not figured out how to make your day special because of impending work and your chaotic routine, then it is in itself a sign to actually step back and take your much-needed me time but, with your go-to person.

On a lot of instances, when you are caught up amidst the whirlpool of work, and many other commitments, giving time to your people sort of get pushed to the last of your priority line, but when you commit to reserving a day to the most important people of your life – then, all is set and sound.

Let go of your priority list because it is time to sit back and relax. A day spent alone at home can work wonders for you. So, ditch the norms and have a slow, lazy day wearing the coziest of clothes – for instance, this cute Red Heart Puffer Jacket.

Go for Yoga/ Meditation Together

Who said a date needs to follow a tried and tested pattern? Your date can actually very much look like spending a day with your partner doing mundane and normal things and just enjoying that quality time together. So, if you have not gotten around to coming up with a highly unique and heart-tugging idea that touches their heart, then we have the right solution for you. Show them that you care for their mental well-being, and book a couple yoga/ meditation sessions. Not everyone likes to spend the day doing pompous and flashy stuff. This is going to be high on your list if you like to spend time alone, thinking about things, and preserving your energy.

Shop Till You Drop

Couples who shop together stay together – and, really, there is nothing new about all those fantastic Valentines day deals that can actually supply you with the year-round storage of things – from getting the perfect opportunity to shop from the valentine’s day jackets collection to upgrade your house with the sales on the household essential, the best stuff is always hidden somewhere there in the stash of sales items. You need to get your hands dirty to find the true gems. While you might think that shopping together can actually be legit, it gives you perspective and helps you get the most out of the sales. Sounds like a legit win-win, right?

Dress extravagantly for Yourself – Because Self-Love is Really Everything

Dress extravagantly for Yourself – Because Self-Love is Really Everything

A lot of times, we end up getting caught up in futile attempts to make others happy and actually end up forgetting our own happiness – which should not be the case at any cost. So, this Valentine’s day, take an oath to keep self-love at the center of everything and start prioritizing yourself and your needs. Pick a nice outfit, dress up all pretty and treat yourself to something nice. Because life is too short to wait for others to make you special, and instead, start doing that for yourself. If you have not figured out an outfit – grab this  Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket, which kicks in fun feels just in the right measure.

Cook Food – Together

Let us be practical; the definition of quality time varies from person to person, and what counts as fun for you might sound like another reason of exhaustion for someone else. And you might want to step out of the house to venture the different things, but the comfort of home might be the only thing that a person might be craving, so instead of creating expectations, and forcing things, let comfort be at the center of everything that you are adding among your V-day plans. So, another way that does not take away the comfort yet simultaneously makes the day equally fun and memorable for you is to stay indoors and cook food together. Yes, cooking food is therapeutic, and doing it together makes the task fun.


So, these are some fun ways you can use and get the most out of V-day, but this list is not exhausted, and you can definitely add more to it.