How do you clean leather jackets – Useful Tips That Never Fail to Work Out

How do you clean leather jackets - Useful Tips That Never Fail to Work Out

Although leather is a sturdy fabric, again, you need to be extremely shrewd with cleaning leather jackets. The amount of money spent in acquiring your favorite leather coat is vast, and besides that, every variant is different – for instance, there are suede jackets, and then there are the ones that are made from traditional leather fabric.

So, getting to know your leather jacket properly is also a part of the bargain. Because, certainly, you would not want to part ways with your favorite leather jacket just yet, right?

Because we know why taking care of your leather jacket is a fundamental aspect of everything, here is a guide that will help you clean your leather goods and your leather jacket thoroughly.

You Cannot Clean Leather Like Traditional Fabrics

If you are a leather jacket buff, then you must be significantly aware of the fact that you can not clean your leather jacket in the water or the washing machine like you do with other clothes.

Although leather is water-resistant and sun-resistant still, you cannot expose it to direct sunlight. Instead, you make use of secondary tools that are going to be useful in undertaking the process.

List of Things You Need to Clean the Leather Jacket And How to Use Them

  • Damp Cloth – since you cannot expose it to direct water, you have to make use of secondary means to undertake the task of cleaning your leather jacket.
    So, make use of a soft cloth – there are various options that you can acquire if you are searching for the ideal soft cloth. For instance, a microfiber cloth, a soft sponge or a clean towel.
  • Leather Conditioner – if you want to preserve the gleaming-looking surface of your leather jacket, then leather conditioner is a worth considering solution. So, that is one of the things that you need to add to your assemblage of tools.
    It will replenish the energy and vibe of your jacket and get back its original shine. If your leather jacket is made from real leather, then the leather conditioner will give a gleam to the jacket’s surface.
  • Dry Cloth – first, clean a leather jacket with a dampened cloth; then, you will need a dry cloth to get rid of the excessive water.
  • Soft Bristled Brush – although you have to be particularly gentle when you clean a leather jacket, there are times when you need to go out of the way to achieve the feat. If there are stubborn stains or you want to remove dirt, then you need brushes to assist you. with the right cleaning solution, you can get rid of even the most inconspicuous spot with minimal effort.
  • Mild Soap Solution or Laundry Detergent – Even though there is not much use for soaps and all, it is recommended to use a gentle detergent or a soapy solution to get rid of odor or for stains that persist for a long time.

Tools For Cleaning Leather Jacket Lining

The jacket inside is equally important. So if you want to learn how to clean a leather jacket from the inside with the lining, then these are tools that you need to make use of.

  • Baking Soda – since the internal lining is in more direct contact with your skin, that is where most of the moisture is absorbed. Hence you need some specific measures to get it cleaned. For additional odor or smell, make use of baking soda to get rid of it.
  • Clean Cloth – you need to use only clean stuff, no matter what you are doing exactly. So, a clean cloth is going to be your constant tool.
  • Soft Towel – a soft towel is useful if you do not want to damage your leather jacket. It will come in handy when you want a dry cloth to help your jacket dry gradually.
  • Clean Sponge – will come in handy in getting rid of excess moisture.
  • Warm Water – use warm water if you are making any watery solution to get rid of discolored patches at the inconspicuous area inside your jacket – because nothing can be a better leather cleaner than warm water, which kills germs, and additional smell or odor.

Additional Tools That Can Come in Handy

  • Upholstery Wax – it would be useful once you are done cleaning your leather jacket. It has great restorative qualities, which can further enhance the rich sheen.
  • Alcohol – although wine or alcohol can act in a certain harsh way if not used the right way, it can be one of the great alternatives if you want solid stain removal.
  • Natural Oils – lastly, natural oils – as they are a great source to preserve the shine of your finished leather.

Different Steps to Clean Your Leather Jacket

Different Steps to Clean Your Leather Jacket

Here is a list of some savvy and mindful steps that would preserve the newness of your leather jacket and restore its appearance.

Prepare a mixture of Clean Water and Soap

Although you cannot directly dip your jacket in a bucket full of water, that does not mean you have to totally skip the use of water. The soapy water is used to remove dirt or stagnant dirt marks.

While there is a myriad list of leather cleaner available, the best ones are always the ones that you prepare yourself because they not only save you money but also work even better than any other leather cleaner that you acquire from the market.

Take a Sponge or a Soft Cloth and Wipe Your Jacket Thoroughly

Wet your cloth in the mixture that you have prepared for your leather item and lightly blot it all over your leather jacket. Make sure the cloth is not overly wet or contains too much water. Wiping your leather jacket with the mild soap solution frees it from odor and inconspicuous spot – if it exists anywhere.

If not dealt with caution, there is a huge risk of getting chapped leather, so make sure you are not rough while wiping the leather surface. Use the cloth in a gentle, circular motion to avoid damage.

Clean the Lining with Baking Soda

The internal side of the jacket takes a lot of damage, too, which might be hidden, but is there nonetheless. So, in order to get the internal side in order, there are many things that come in handy. But, a home remedy like baking soda should not be totally shunned from consideration.

How to use it? Take about two teaspoons and dab it over your leather. Leave for several hours. Later, use the same steps to wipe it.

You can use it in most circumstances when you want to maintain your leather jacket without venturing out into the market and acquiring some extremely expensive products.

Soda flour helps get rid of the stink. And besides that, it will help if a stain persists.

Make Sure There is Soap Residue

Once you have cleaned the internal side, thoroughly wipe it with soap water and if once you have done that, make sure you wipe it with clean water to get rid of soap residue – because if not cleaned thoroughly, it can leave stains.

Completely Dry Your Leather Jacket

Completely Dry Your Leather Jacket

Since you can not expose your leather jacket to direct heat, you have to let it gradually air dry. But Before you leave it to it, confirm first that there is no standing water inside your leather jacket. If left unchecked, the water can leave stains after drying.

Then, you have to leave it for a gradual drying process. A leather jacket can take 24 to 48 hours to dry slowly.

Winding Up the Process

After washing and letting it completely dry, you will certainly want to analyze the results, right? While most of the times the result would be satisfactory, but in cases when you find it not so exemplary, these additional facts would ensure that you find the utmost satisfaction.

For Additional Stains, Rubbing Alcohol Would Work

Once you gradually wash it and let it dry – make sure you check it for the extra stain that has been left untreated. In such situations, rubbing alcohol can help you get rid of the stain.

Preserve the Shine and Appearance with Upholestory Wax

Lastly, use wax and essential oils to preserve the shine and glossy appearance of the leather jacket.

Additional Tip – Check Care Label

If you are new to leather jackets, then it is totally normal to find yourself in a huge conundrum. But don’t worry; there are plenty of solutions at your disposal. Manufacturer’s instructions can tell you whether you need to get an article of clothing dry-cleaned or wash it gradually. It can answer all your questions and give you a head start.

Ending Note

With the needed care and maintenance, you can preserve the life of your leather jacket for a long time. The next time when you find a stain on your leather jacket, do not be intimidated by it – because, with measured steps, the issue can be conquered.