History of the Trench Coat – Learn Everything About Them Here

History of the Trench Coat – Learn Everything About Them Here

Like everything comes with a backstory, here is the backstory of your forever favorite quintessential trench coats.

So, if you have also been a fan of this tried and true staple and want to learn more about them – here, we have constructed a complete list of facts pertaining to the trench coats that holds all the answers for you. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more and get a kick-start.

Origin of Trench Coats – Their Rooted Background in Military 

coats were worn by the British Navvy people as a part of their uniform and acted as an alternative to the heavily insulated serge greatcoats. While the credit for their origin is duly 

Trench coats are considered to be one of the timeless trends. Their origin dates back to the 1820, they were first worn and got popularized among military officials and the Navvy people, but have evolved now as the go-to staple wear for fashion enthusiasts and have survived in the world of fashion even after decades and centuries because of the exemplary assistance they prove to equip.

The trench coat is a type of coat that has been popularized over the course of time due to a number of reasons. It has legit stood the test of time and, hands down, become one of the exemplary tools in the wardrobe of men and women who seek timeless fashion in its truest glory, yet at the same time, remain versatile as they achieve their quest.

The world of trench coats is vast – with distinguishable sections of men trench coat picks and an equal amount of trendy options for womens trench coat versions.

So, if you have also been a fan of this trie

Although the 19th century is deemed the official origin timeline of the trench coats, certain facts hint that they were around even before that, and their style evolved further and came to concreteness.

During world war times, the trench awarded to the big names Burberry and Aquasqutum.

The Traditional Timeless Style of Trench Coats that Was First Invented

The Traditional Timeless Style of Trench Coats that Was First Invented

Although the silhouettes of trench coats have evolved over the course of time, it still maintains and sustains the traditional elements, along with preserving the first, initial style in its truest glory. Because the Navvy and Military men wore them, the silhouette of the trench coats was given a modest theme, with a long, well-structured cut that was a huge statement without really any effort. 

Besides that, they were meant to be incessantly workable and have elements that provide the utility and durability in their own measure. The timeless silhouette of the OG trench coats was longer with a double-breasted. 

Even the tailoring of the trench coats was done differently to preserve the essence of the uniform of the military men. Overall, they depicted a silhouette that let them have a fitted structure at the top, while the skirt-like baggy look at the bottom.

Different Silhouettes of Trench Coats

Different Silhouettes of Trench Coats

There are all sorts of different silhouette ranges in trench coats. Despite their gradual growth and development, it would not be wrong to say the trench coats and their myriad silhouettes have sustained throughout the different timelines. 

The longer trench coat with belt was widely worn during the 19th and the 20th century, then the cropped/ shorter silhouetted with a more relaxed fit made it big too.

Traditional Fabrics Used in the Making of Trench Coats

Traditional Fabrics Used in the Making of Trench Coats

The trench coats are not limited to just one fabric, which is precisely one reason that makes them so popular. From the leather trench coat to the gabardine trench coat, there are as many dimensions to a trench coat, and you can grab the versatile pick for your closet.

Distinctive Features of Trench Coat That Set it Apart from the Normal Coat

Distinctive Features of Trench Coat That Set it Apart from the Normal Coat

Although the trench coat and a normal coat are both variants of outerwear, trench coats are specifically for the purpose of curbing the different issues that arise due to the weather, while your usual overcoats are supposed to add a suave vibe to your outfits – they are basically mostly for the purpose of adding style quotient, while trench coats go beyond the purpose of style, and add more utility factor as well.

Besides that, they have distinctive silhouettes, often come with a belted closure, and are constructed from more diverse options of fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Military Men Prefered the Trench Coats?

Because they provided them sustenance during the colder weather and were easily molded within their uniforms.

  • Can a Trench Coat Sustain Even in the Coldest Times of the Winter?

Yes, because of their great layering capacity, they make one of the friendliest options during the colder weather. Besides that, trench coats’ purposefulness can determine by the sort of use that has been integrated into their making.

  • What makes a trench a Really Popular Outerwear?

Trench coats are one of the most popular outerwear options due to their vast uses. First of all, they act as the perfect outer layer during the colder times, then 

  • Where Can I Get a Plus Size Trench Coat?

If you wish to get your hands on a plus-size trench coat, then browse our vast collection, navigate the size chart and acquire a savvy pick for yourself.

Ending Note

Seeking the long remarkable history of trench coats, one thing can be noted: the unwavering popularity that these fancy and versatile coats have maintained. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to actually get inspired by one of the preppy and diverse styles from the amazing options and get edgy with your looks!

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