Gotham Season 5: Discussing the Hottest Outfits

Gotham Season 5 Discussing the Hottest Outfits

Thanks to the growing trend of Television characters’ inspired outfits, a large segment of the audience of the American TV shows have started taking interest in the fashion wear donned by the characters. 

While this trend isn’t as old as it sounds, it has clearly paved the way for the fashion designers and the TV shows makers to collaborate with each other. 

Out of hundreds of these TV shows, the fifth season of Gotham series has greatly influenced the outfit choices of its audience which is more or less involved in supporting the fashionable items featured in the outfits of the characters. 

If you have never taken a look at the sizzling hot outfits of these popular characters, you are definitely not among the unluckiest fans of Gotham series. Take a deep breath and stay ready to have a look at the unnoticed Gotham series outfit of the characters below. 

Edward Nygma

One of the antagonists, Edward Nygma’s style never goes unnoticed at all. Despite being a man who breaks the law more than any other character, Nygma adopts fashion like a truly awesome supervillain. Inspired by the new fashion trends, Nygma has built a great reputation among his fans for combining the hot elements for the building of smoking hot outfits.

Looked like a corporate slave from the past, Nygma built a glorious green outfit that relied upon the inclusion of the popular Cory Michael Smith suit for the popularization. Besides adding the very basic accessories used in the building of a formal outfit, the supervillain also used a classic rounded hat to showcase his deep interest in fashion. 

While formal dressing style is something not everyone is into, it usually is a better choice than the casual item-supported outfits for a classy look. 

Since the designers have been sure of the formal choices of Edward Nygma, they didn’t have to strive hard to ensure the critics remain on the same page with them. 


When it comes to talking about the greatest fashionistas in the Gotham series, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman’s name comes first in the mind. Appeared in several comic books, Kyle has been considered way better than her friends and foes in terms of coming up with utterly fashionable outfits usually supported by black jackets. 

Built to kill, Kyle is master at creating the best combos of casual accessories for a great look of hers. As she has mostly appeared with black colored outfits, many of her fans have become fond of bad girl style outfits to support her style. Donning black cotton pants with a strikingly bold lapel collared leather jacket of black color, Catwoman has tripled up the size of her fan club by simply relying on trendiest accessories. 

Although Catwoman loves looking different than the average-minded souls, her casual outfit mostly emphasizes on the use of black items which standardize her looks. 

In other words, if you take a look at her second-best outfit, you are definitely going to find hot casual items like striped jeans supported by a long inner layer and a leather jacket filled with black color. Catwoman’s strong connection with the blackish items means she is not into non-black colored outfits to support her sexy looks. 

Instead of being dependent upon the average style, she goes for something extra special which truly defines her worth and her unmatched standard in the world of superheroes. 

Harvey Bullock

Here comes another supervillain who tends to be a better fashionista than most of the superheroes appeared in the comic-inspired Hollywood movies. Although Harvey Bullock usually sticks with black outer layers, he tries to add more and more colors to the casual outfits to gain more followers. If you know what I mean, Bullock’s stylebook never relies on the same colored outfits for recognition. 

Instead, what Bullock’s character does is that it opts for the new trends to appear a bit hotter and sexier than the general fashionistas. For instance, Bullock’s classy outfit supported by a few formal accessories and a long leather jacket is the most stylish one from his fashion locker. 

Despite there are so many characters in the Gotham series, the style adopted by Bullock separates him from the rest of the majority while enabling him to be liked everyone else. 

If you compare the blackish outfits donned by all the characters in the Gotham series, you are sure to give Bullock a credit for delivering the best to the fans. 

Take into account if you can that great dress code means you are not going to make yourself dependent upon the average choices which would lead to average looks of yours. For a glorious look like your favorite character, all you have to do is passionately follow their style. 

Jerome Valeska

No other mass murderer can stylize a formal outfit better than Jerome Valeska. Usually relying on anti-humanitarian tactics to subdue the opponents, Valeska is such a sharp-minded supervillain that his enemies stay away from him for the most of the time. 

Master at bullying and killing, Valeska knows how to dress like a man who works for a big corporation. In the fifth season, one of the greatest supervillains in the DC comics has defined his class while ensuring nothing beats his style at all. 

Valeska’s glorious outfit is composed of a number of formal items with the long trench coat being the hottest one. Not only that, but the formal outfit also has plaid pants supported by the rest of the formal items like a plain yet simple yellow shirt. 

Ever since the notorious serial killer has rocked the sizzling hot formal outfit, his fans have started following his footsteps for the sake of endorsing his sense of fashion.

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