The new season of a karate masterpiece is out! Here comes Cobra Kai with its majestic teachings and story! What gave this season such hype is that this is the first installment to be released in the last 34 years after the trilogy! About 34 years ago, there was a trilogy movie, Karate Kid, which wasn’t just a great movie for binge-watching, but it inspired the whole of America to master this amazing and defensive fighting technique in the ’80s.

Decades after Karate Kid, seeing Ralph Macchio portraying the character of Daniel LaRusso and also the cobra kai leather jacket on screen again is truly amazing. What’s more, Daniel is still practicing the Miyagi-Do style karate and passing the teachings of Mr. Miyagi onto the others. Cobra Kai is such a blissful experience, especially for the ones who still love the classic “Karate Kid.”

Well, the hype of this series is only possible due to the 1980s trilogy, Karate Kid. All these years later, it still is an awesome movie to watch with friends and family to have some quality time. Probably, Karate Kid is one of the first movies which showcased the peace and purity of Karate.

Tie the Karategi right!

All those years back, the tournament ended with a fair fight. Rivals walked away gracefully in their Karategi (white karate costume), but the rivalry didn’t end there. The All-Valley Champion, Daniel, has worn the uniform for quite some appearances, even in the original Karate Kid. Still fighting and defending the same logo “Miyagi Do” of the karate academy.

This time the Bonsai logo (Japanese tree) isn’t just a part of Daniel’s Karategi, but it was seen in a number of outfits. One that fans really liked was this Miyagi Do Leather Jacket from the continuing series. As a lot of time has passed since Daniel’s last appearance, it was a great thing to see that Daniel has evolved over the years. And given us such a nice piece of attire to wear and support Daniel in his fight.

Well, the general review of the viewers of the Netflix version of Cobra Kai is that it is a continuation of the trilogy. Previously Johnny was a bully back in the day. However, as the show progresses, the viewers realize that Kreis was the one bad guy in the movie. After watching the whole series, almost everyone liked the idea behind making this series from Johnny’s point of view, and some absolutely loved to see the classic cobra kai red jacket from the original trilogy.

The Yin And Yang and the Yin IN the Yang!

A viewer of the show would say that the series carries the same life lessons, the meaning of being merciful, and the bad things that you have to face and handle in the best way possible. The storyline of the Cobra Kai series looks a lot similar to the Karate Kid, but you can’t really tell just from the reviews and trailers. You gotta see it to judge it.

What fascinating thing was in the series to see is that it’s been 34 years, almost everything has changed or at least have evolved on a large scale, but one noticeable thing that these series have showcased and which is also a sad thing see that not many forgive the ones with whom they have fought in the past even it’s been decades, but the rivalry is still there deep down.

Your bias may be shifted!

If you are with the Cobra Kai guys or the Miyagi Do guys. You have to have some sort of their badge to show your enthusiasm or just flex on your friends. For the Bonsai protectors and the Cobra Kai fans, there are a number of costumes to choose from, but one attire that you can wear with your daily outfit is jackets inspired by Cobra Kai. The casual look of the outwear makes it venerable.

Whoever you are teaming up with, whether yin or yang. This is an awesome attire to have if you are going for the good side. Johnny Lawrence’s red jacket and also the Miyagi-do jacket are outfits among many more to display your enthusiasm for this ancient art. This outstanding outfit can keep you warm after the quick Karate session in the cold season as it is crafted with high-quality leather along with the viscose inner lining. You can not go wrong with a flourishing white for the outermost layer of your outfit; this is the easiest color to paxir with any style.

If you are looking for something smart casual and associated with your ever-loved franchise, then this amazing attire is just perfect for you.

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