Facts you are supposed to know about Anna Kendrick

The immensely gorgeous Anna Kendrick’s appearance in Pitch Perfect was widely acclaimed paving the way towards global cinema as she will be seen in the upcoming Noelle. Let’s take a look at the factsheet to know what we haven’t known yet about the American actress.

– Anna Kendrick reportedly called ass…. to former president Barack Obama while she met him at a conference upon an invitation from The White House.

– Kendrick’s is too short as compared to average American girls. In short, she is just 5 feet 2 inches.

– Believe it or not but she is a typical fan of Beyoncé and posts regularly about her on social media.

– She admitted watching Iron Man without paying for it after being forced by a friend. Moreover, she even offered money to Robert Downey Jr., sounds sweet, no?

– Apart from the outerwears worn by the actress in the entire series of Pitch Perfect, the Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect 3 Jacket is the most liked one.

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