Cloak and Dagger: Season 2

Aubrey Joseph Jacket

Marvel’s ultra-famous show, Cloak and Dagger has effortlessly caught the attention of comic fans and may even have converted the fans of DC Comics to Marvel Comics. Whether its the plot containing no loophole or even the wardrobes bestowed to each character certainly the Cloak & Dagger Aubrey Joseph Bomber Jacket donned by Aubrey Joseph, it’s simply full of perfection. With 7.3 million views, the first season broke all the records and proved to be the greatest digital debut in the history of Freeform, the digital network.

Now when season 2 has already started, it is going to be worth-noticing whether or not this one surpasses the threshold of 8 million views. Let’s see how the two teenagers Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson take up against the opponents using their superpowers in the second installment to the TV series.

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