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Most Stylish Singers and Their Cool Lifestyle

Most Stylish Singers and Their Cool Lifestyle

The music industry was never short of mesmerizing voices and talented vocalists who changed the world through their voices. Categorically, when we talk of the western music industry we come across some big names like Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Eminem, and Enrique Iglesias. Moreover, there have been many pop singers who not only did well […]

The Halloween Trends: Listing the Most Popular Jackets

The Halloween Trends Listing the Most Popular Jackets

This is the month when Halloween Jackets inspired by Marvel’s greatest meta human character Captain America to DC Comics’ most liked character Superman are sold like candies. The majority of the people spend their money blindly on outerwear and costumes to adopt the trademark mark look of a certain character to celebrate the biggest fun-filled […]

A Perfect Couple Wear: Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Costume

A Perfect Couple Wear - Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest

What it is like to follow the romantic couple from the comic books and adopt their looks? If you have attended a cosplay event you know it well or otherwise you should try it once with your partner and see how it goes for you. The world of comics is filled with uncountable characters each […]

The Halloween Party: 4 Halloween Jackets for Her for a Fashion Filled Appearance

Halloween Costumes, Better Than Us Arisa Yellow Biker Jacket, Ani Bezzerides True Detective Brown Leather Jacket

While girls a step behind guys in terms of Halloween Costumes, they are way ahead than their rivals in buying the fashionable stuff. It is only a matter of days and Halloween will arrive in your town forcing each and everybody to celebrate the ancient festival of Samhain to ward off the ghosts, lol. The […]

Best Halloween Costumes for Men

Best Halloween Costumes for Men

It has been a general fact that the Western world is a melting pot of cultures associated with different regions of the planet Earth, all thanks to the centuries of mass immigration from the East. The westerners are fond of celebrating festivals and traditions irrespective of their origin. Of all the traditions, the most celebrated […]

The Voice Season 16: Why Adam Levine Left the Job?

The Voice Season 16

The lead singer of widely known Maroon 5 has reportedly left the job on The Voice, the annually held singing competition due to a number of reasons. Notably, Levine’s decision has stunned the fans who wanted him to remain part of the popular show for maybe another 10 decades. However, no official clarification from Levine […]

Jessica Alba: Easter celebrations and the Beverly Hills Home

Jessica Alba

Apart from introducing the Jessica Alba Hot Pink Leather Jacket to the fashionistas, America actress Jessica Alba is also known for exceptional entrepreneurial skills. The star celebrity has celebrated Easter with her family while posting pictures of her grandparents on the anniversary of her grandfather and the 87th Birthday of Alba’s grandmother. She wrote, ” […]


Parker Posey Lost In Space black quilted leather jacket

The all famous TV series “Lost In Space” is back on Netflix in a new style and if you haven’t yet seen it then don’t wait anymore and just log in to your Netflix account and start this show right away. Now, if you are someone who has seen the 1998 film “ Lost In […]


Jodie Whittaker Best Outing Yet

 “When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.”  Who doesn’t love Doctor Who and […]