Casual Styling: Add Multiple Options for Immediate Practical Look!

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Classic Casual

Calling casual a synonym of comfort wouldn’t be considered wrong. The casual dressing provides us an open platform for who we are and that too in the classiest of ways. There is no need to go extravagant with our outfits. Staying minimalistic and wearing our comfy sneakers and Casual Jackets will give us a relaxed and chic look.

The common casual style code includes any basic t-shirt and trousers. But you can go for a little bit of mix and match of outfits to get a different look every day. For footwear, sneakers are highly encouraged. You can also go for loafers, leather shoes, flat sandals or even flip-flops. Minimal accessories are the essence of this look, so don’t go extra with it.

Ladies, now go to the grocery store in a dapper style. This time, wear a low neckline shirt or a cute casual turtleneck with your favorite jeans. Opting for skirts and long dresses are also good choices to add an edge to your usual look. Adding a Denim Jacket as a top-layer is also a stylish option.

Men can also bring a unique element to their get up by wearing an open-necked shirt with monochromatic toned pants. Pairing it up with a classic Leather Jacket Mens and black leather shoes will spice up the look. Just go minimal with accessories like a belt or sunglasses and rock that perfect classic casual look!

These stylings are best suitable when you are going out for friends’ get-together, a family dinner to a nice restaurant, or just usual window shopping.

Business Casual

Many people don’t feel comfortable in the typical formal suits. They can’t wear them every day to their offices, and this exhausts them every morning. Well, you can save yourself from the trouble by following a business casual dress code. This approach is way more relaxed and trendy as compared to the standard formal dressing.

Men can go for a neutral-toned shirt like black or white, do the buttons and pair it with black or khaki pants. Going for layers will provide you with a classy appearance, so take out the Trench Coats resting in your closet and wear them over the outfit. Complete the look with a tie and classic black shoes. Wearing a Leather Jacket Mens is also a good alternative for long coats. Now see every eye-getting stuck on you!

Girls, if you are worried about the dress choice for your company’s party or business lunch meeting, then running towards your casual tops is the safest option. Pair them up with skirts, dress pants, or trousers and look attractive with the least of effort. Going for a long casual dress is another option. Finish off the look flats or short heels and some light jewelry to steal the spotlight with this edgy business casual look.

Dressy Casual

The fine line between a classic casual and semi-formal is a dressy casual. Just dress up more than the casual and stay a step back from dressing semi-formally. Avoiding denim is the dress code of this look. Dressy casual is perfect for your night out with friends or a date night with your special someone, a visit to the church, or any invitation to dinner.

Ladies, sweep your denim and cotton t-shirts aside and take out the silk dresses from the closet. Opt for the cute dresses like skirts and floral dresses, add scarves and jewelry to the outfit and complete off with nice casual sandals. Not too extra, not too simple. Tops paired with Trench Coats would also level up your game. Jumpsuits are hot picks too!

Men could opt for a basic colored shirt with dress pants or trousers. Loafers, derby shoes, and oxfords are the best choices for footwear. Adding top layers with Leather Jacket Men and accessorizing with a tie will give you a charming dressy casual appearance.

Smart Casual

Now let’s talk about the thin line between dressy casual and business casual- the smart casual. Avoid going for jeans here too, as this look is usually for office parties and lunches or a rather formal-than-casual brunch.

Ladies can go for pencil skirts in lighter tones for their workplace-related events. Button-down silk tops with dress pants is also a classy option. But if you’re looking forward to wearing brighter colored tops, wear them underneath monochrome Casual Jackets and enjoy the brunch in style. High heels and flats are both going to suit the look.

Sleek collared shirt with dress pants or trousers paired with loafers or derby shoes is the best picks for men to get a smart casual look. Just go for any of the casual stylings and rock every event!

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