Buying Guide for Leather Jacket – Buy the Jacket of Your Dreams

Buying guide for leather jacket

Just like leather jacket making is an intricate process, so is the process of buying the perfect leather jacket. But, thankfully, we have got your back when it comes to that!

Your wardrobe is an integral part of your style, and each component contributes something – whether it is a go-to pair of denim, your crisp white t-shirts or a leather jacket – all these factors combined together constitute not only your wardrobe but your overall fashion game as well.

So, it goes without saying that you have to be really invested in getting yourself the best, most upbeat stuff that does not only equip you with the styling of your outfits and looks great every singular day but also slowly and gradually helps you build a personalized style – something that goes nicely with the other elements of your personality.

Now, when it comes down to personal style, it comes down to the iconic pieces such as a leather jacket – yes, with all the versatility that they inherently come up with, the task of buying them is equally a deal-maker of sorts and one cannot be ignorant about it, right? So, here is a complete guide to getting yourself the utterly chic and highly workable leather jacket.

Why Leather Jackets Make a Great Outerwear?

  • Sturdy and Durable:

sturdy and durable

Leather jackets are quite expensive, so when you acquire them, there are certainly some concerns involved – for instance, whether they will last you longer or not? And thankfully, a leather jacket is really a durable piece that would last longer than any other gear inside your wardrobe, and you can make the most out of it time and again.

  • Wearable and Workable Everyday: Curating outfits every day – specifically, warm outfits can really be a tough task, but not when you have utterly stylish and sassy leather jackets inside your closet.
  • Timeless and Unique: They are unlike your other everyday styles of clothes. They have an inherent amount of edge and sassiness – an element that redefines everything that you integrate within your outfits.

Leather Types to Look For – Insights on Different Tanning Methods

Leather is an entirely intricate subject. There are as many facets to it as there are different types of leather jackets. It would not be wrong to say that all these details, combined together, make leather jackets really worthwhile.

When it comes to a good leather jacket, it is not just something that you determine from the surface; but you also have to view what actually went into the making of the jacket style that you are aiming for. So, here, learn about the different animal hides and their tanning methods.

Different Animal Skin

Different Animal Skin From Which Leather is Acquired

  1. Sheepskin

Often termed as a high-quality leather material, it has an amazing outer feel and vibe to it. Extracted from the sheep, sheepskin leather is often blemish-free because of the heavy wool on the surface of the innermost layer of the hide. Inherently, it is a merge of a silky smooth feel with additional sturdiness – a quality that makes it one of the high-quality leather jacket materials.

  1. Goat Skin

If any leather type meets the toughness quotient, then it is goat-skin leather. With a really sturdy feel, stuff made from goat skin leather really lasts a long time and can be really flexible and let you move freely and make the best use of the things that you develop from the goatskin leather. It has a beautiful pebbled leather surface – a great aspect that adds texture and beauty, along with a great flexibility quotient.

  1. Exotic Leather Hides

Exotic leather hides come with great internal as well as external qualities. The additional quality of leather hides extracted from exotic materials is their great beauty and stark vibe that adds more to the experience of leather clothing.

  1. Calf-Skin

Calfskin is comparatively less sturdy because it is extracted from the baby cow, but its softness is an additional quality that sets it on a different paradigm altogether.

  1. Cow Hide

Cow leather is a multi-faceted leather type that is used for innumerable things, and that sort of versatility should be duly credited to the fact that it is soft, sturdy and comes with a really luxurious feel to it.

Different Tanning Methods

Different Tanning Methods

Chrome Tanning

The popularised style of tanning used around the globe, chrome tanning involves chemical tanning of the leather with the use of chromium sulfate – a chemical after which it has been named. More than a century-old method, this tanning method is faster and less time-consuming but involves some considerable amount of tanning hazards – and that is precisely its only flaw.

Vegetable Tanning

As the name suggests, vegetable tanning involves the use of natural resources – such as tree bark, oaks and many stuff like that. Despite the great reliance upon chrome tanning, the vegetable tanning method is also widely followed – mostly because of the immersive process that it undertakes.

Chrome-Free Tanning

Chrome Free tanning process involves neither the use of chromium sulfate nor the typical vegetable tanning elements – rather, it takes a different approach altogether, which makes it a chemical-free tanning process.

Different Quality Parameters in Leather

different quality

  • full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the highest quality leather, made from the whole hide of the animal from which it has been extracted. Because of how it is extracted, leather is the strongest among all the other types. The full-grade leather comes with a beautifully textured surface which is visible to the eye once the hair on the outer layer is removed.

  • Top Grain Leather

After full-grain leather, top-grain leather is top-quality leather as well – although, as we said before, it is a bit less in quality than full-grain leather. Made from the original animal hides, top-grain leather is sanded first, which frees it from blemishes and irregularities, which makes it a really top-quality leather fabric. Because it goes through a process, it also adds to the life of the fabric.

  • Corrected Leather

Corrected leather, which is also known as pigmented leather, comes with an additional texture. As the name suggests, pigmented leather or corrected leather gets an extensive amount of care with the use of dyes and all, which improves the appearance of the leather and also proves to be highly durable in the longer run. After the treatment, the corrected version is easily maintained as well.

  • Genuine Leather

Genuine here does not mean authentic, but rather it is a grain type. It is a lower-grade hide and is used for the making of bags, shoes and other leather accessories. Genuine leather needs a lot more treatment and is less reliable.

Leather Finishing

leather finishing

After tanning and grading, leather finishing comes into the process. It is done in order to enhance the appearance of the leather material further and fix certain scars and blemishes that occurred during the process of tanning and the preparation of the hide.

  • The Aniline Finish

The aniline finish does not consist of a rigorous process and only treats the hide from the surface. In Aniline leather, a light transparent layer is applied to the surface of the leather that does not diminish the originality of the leather hide, although it does improve its feel and shine.

  • Semi-Aniline leather

Now, aniline is a simpler version, the semi-aniline consists of a transparent layer plus the pigmented mixture that goes deeper and is used to fix the deeper issues within the leather. If a leather hide is terribly damaged and needs some deeper repairment.

  • Pigmented Finish

The pigmented leather option goes deeper than the other two, and it intends to fix the issues that are not on the surface but go beyond that. It needs the use of some heavy dyes and chemicals to correct the appearance of the leather, but because of the layers and layers of dye and correction sprays, it will give off a cheaper vibe.

Construction and Different Facets in the Compilation..

Construction and Different Facets in the Compilation

There is great craftsmanship involved in the making of a leather jacket. With all the precision that it involves, there is a detailed method that needs to be thoroughly undertaken and taken care of. And that needs to be thoroughly viewed even while you are getting yourself a new leather jacket. So, these are some aspects that you need to be careful about as you plan to get hold of the best quality leather jacket.

  • Panels and Joints

Panel and joints define the basic steps that have been undertaken in the making of a leather jacket – and you certainly need to know the difference between a good leather jacket and a not-so-amazing leather jacket with a leather jacket buying guide.

Panels and joints are used to put together a leather jacket, although it is a question of paramount importance how many panels and joints are good and what must one search for while getting one? To answer that question of yours – the lesser, the better is the mantra when it comes to acquiring a great leather jacket. While panels can be simple, sometimes there are patches and embellishments involved too in the integration.

  • Hardware

Your leather jacket is not a good quality leather jacket as long as the zipper quality is not exemplary. The hardware consists of the zippers, buttons and extra stuff that completes a leather jacket. So, make sure to check the zipper jacket thoroughly – if the front center zipper is not operating nicely, then you should reconsider your choice.

Besides that, make sure you are checking the workability of the zipper pocket because zippered pockets are oftentimes part of the leather jackets, but sometimes the details just leave the eye of a buyer and let’s face it: you deserve the best, so you should not be ready to buy something as long as you are not sure – and that surety does not come just with the center front zipper.

  • Lining

Another rule that you need to steal from a leather jacket buying guide is to make sure to check the inner lining. Because there are all sorts of materials available in the market, and if you do not fall prey to some lower-grade synthetic linings, then check the inner lining, too, to be on the safer side. Polyester, viscose and even shearling lining make the right, extremely soft option – and you mustn’t compromise on that aspect.

  • Additives

Additives are the extra stuff that can come in a leather jacket to increase its appearance, and if you are someone whose taste falls somewhere on that extra showy side, then the options with additives are your pick. But, always see for the quality of them – because even a real leather jacket can often time end up having atrocious stuff in the name of additives.

First, see if they are stitched nicely and won’t come off with a bit of movement. Secondly, see if the color or the surface is peeling off or not.

  • Stitching and Craftmanship

lastly, stitching. Yes, you might be thinking that stitching really is not an important element, but it actually is, and you need to be cautious about it. Decorative stitching done with precision really adds to the beauty of the jacket.

Size, Fit and Personalized Preferences

After determining all the above-mentioned things, do not forget to look for the right size and color and make sure to tick off other personal preferences boxes, too, as you are at it. For instance, if you are all in for brown leather jackets, then keep searching for the one – because black is not the norm all the time.

Some Popularized Styles

popularized styles

Bomber Jacket

Being one of the most popularized styles originating from the 1900s and world war times, the bomber jacket style is an emblem of fashion jackets and timelessness. They are your staple leather jacket with pockets, sleeker styles and ribbed cuffs and shearling alternatives – they are a great option, and part of the success belongs to the fact that this style originates from the flight jackets family.

Biker Jacket

Made by Irving Schott and named after his favorite cigar perfecto, the biker leather jacket is the dream of every biker enthusiast who wishes to stand out with their style. With an extra savage style, the biker jacket is a daily leather jacket option that got popularized after Marlon Brando wore it in his 1960s movie “The Wild One.”

Another term that you might not have been aware of, but it nonetheless belongs to the biker leather jacket, is “double rider jacket. Yes, because of the way the flap pockets are made, given on either side of the piece thus, it gets the name “double rider jacket.

Cafe Racer Jacket

The cafe racer jacket has been among the popular casual jacket styles ever since the post world war times. If you are seeking that racers vibe and the merge of perfect minimalism, it is a great pick for someone who seeks something simpler and more workable. The minimal design details are a great eye-catching factor.

Moto Jacket

Another jacket with very minimal design details that can be a great boon to your style is a classic moto jacket style. Yes, they are the representation of the OG biker leather jacket and are great. If you want nothing too showy and just something classy to work with, then a moto jacket design is great to go for.

Aviator Jacket

Aviator leather jacket is also from the flight jacket family, just like bomber leather jackets are. Just like any other flight jacket version, they were worn during the first world war times to get protection. Oftentimes they are confused with bomber jackets, but they are, in fact, similar yet distinctive styles. Aviators are among the popular jacket styles, too.

So these are some trendy styles that you can get your hands on – if you are unaware of where to find them, feel free to head to our online store and browse your way through different options.

Frequently Asked Question By the New Leather Jacket Buyers

  1. What Looks Good with a Leather jacket?

leather jackets are really an emblem of versatility, and that is what makes it one of those staple pieces in your closet that accompanies everything – from a dress shirt to skirts and from dresses to all sorts of trousers – it works with everything.

  1. What is a Fencing Jacket?

Although there are typical fencing jacket styles that are used by fencers, because leather jackets are sturdy, they can be used as jackets/fencers’ wear.

  1. Cow Leather is Made from Which Material?

Cowhide or cow leather is one and the same thing. It is extracted from cows, hence, the name.

  1. What Does a Staple Jacket Mean?

Staple jackets are basically versatile, and their useability goes on a different parameter altogether.

  1. How to Recognize Good Quality Leather Jacket?

If you are searching for a real leather jacket, then make sure you get the difference right.

  1. Is it Easy to Take Care of a Leather Jacket?

Leather as a fabric is really reliable and durable, and it does not take much maintenance because even general washing is not used. But you can maintain it with some basic care and some market-bought products.

  1. What is the Difference Between Cheaper Jackets and Quality Leather Jackets?

There can be distinctive differences. But, first and foremost is the difference between real leather and faux leather difference. The second is craftmanship. Thirdly, there can be the use of faux leather grains involved.

Concluding Note

The task of buying a leather jacket is one that needs to be undertaken with full, unwavering dedication – because there is money involved, and you deserve nothing less than a perfect jacket. So, as you step out of the house and get carried away with the task of buying a leather jacket, don’t forget to review these details in this well-detailed leather jacket buying guide.

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