Biking Gear: Which Leather Biker Jacket to Wear While Having the Long Ride!

Biking Gear: Which Leather Biker Jacket to Wear While Having the Long Ride!

If you are anywhere near Gen Z’s level of obsession with the classic trend of leather top-layers, then you are also stranded somewhere in the middle of a search of chic outerwear that you can pull anytime! With this guide, we aim to help you get the best version of a leather biker jacket that you can flaunt even during extended rides!


Brown Leather Jackets 


Are you looking for an easy way to update your wardrobe this season? Try one of the latest trends that have caught all our eyes! The earthy hue of this outerwear is a great way to add warmth to any outfit and is guaranteed to stand out amongst the sea of black classics we see all year. Thanks to some of our favorite social media bloggers and street style celebrities, we now have endless inspiration on how to style a brown leather biker jacket. Major perk? There is an outfit idea that is perfect for every personal style out there.


No matter if it comes to work, play, or everything in between, we are now obsessed with outfit inspirations that are top of mind. You can envision throwing a jacket over a white button-down shirt worn with flattering bottoms and a chic pair of shoes for the office. A casual take that is ideal for the weekend and running errands is layering your jacket over a cozy loose-knit sweater, vintage-style jeans, and your favorite trainers. Heading to dinner with friends or going out on a date right after work? Pair your jacket with a printed dress with ruffles and sleek ankle boots.


Classic Vintage Jackets


Is your vintage leather biker jacket arguably the coolest purchase you have ever made but don’t know what to wear it with besides your not-so-cool Halloween costume? You can say goodbye to fretting because we have the perfect guide to achieve a fair and stylish look with your favorite top layer. You can wear this timeless piece with confidence in your day to day life while slaying divas here and there.


No double, they are pretty simple as compared to others but possess noteworthy features. You can always wear your favorite staple item with a comfortable pair of jeans and a shirt. Going for a solid color shirt or a vintage band tee and sneakers for off-duty days can maximize the boho-chic touch. 


For a workday or lunch, you might want to formalize the look a bit by going with black jeans, a button-up, and a pair of Chelsea boots. In these outfits, you will find yourself more comfortable and casual but still feel like you have a complete magazine-worthy look. Since these top wears come in many different shapes, sizes, and cuts, it is always better to go for a more unexpected look that provides a perfect balance for keeping warm and stylish in colder weather.

Pairing your jacket with flowy pants and a crop top will let you fully embrace the 70s vibe, or go for a sweater dress and tall boots to bring the look a bit of a modern feel. While you are wearing this statement piece, you will have the chicest appearance no matter which event you are attending.


White Leather Jackets 


When someone says a biker jacket, most people would assume it is black by default. Although there is no doubt that black is one of the most classic items that you can wear, you miss out a lot if you are ignoring the white leather biker jacket. The white top layer makes the outfit look very different from how a black one does, but it makes the attire look stylish in its unique way. 


Although a white jacket may sound like it is quite challenging to get used to, it looks very subtle when paired with a white top. For instance, wear a white shirt with a white leather jacket for the top and pair with simple boyfriend jeans and ankle boots. Even thinking about outfits just makes you feel stylish and comfortable. Now you see that a white jacket can be easier to style than a black one in some cases.


Suede Leather Jackets 


Suede is a clothing material that is a specialized form of leather. It shares similar sorts of properties with standard leather but became more prevalent among those who love a modern touch. Suede leather biker jackets were a popular clothing item in the 60s and 70s and are again trending. It best appreciated for its smooth and sumptuous feeling of the material. 


The versatile fabric is as classy as leather and made of animal hide in the same way. It is a collaboration between style and function that delivers top of the mind results. Suede is uncommon (so you will stand out) and also protective.


Before you splurge on it, you need to understand the dos and don’ts of matching suede with other clothes – mainly for suede outerwear. Pretty much the same, they can be pulled off in any environment. The smart-casual look easily attained by pairing it with a summer dress or with basic skinny jeans and boots in the winter. Flaunt it to a picnic, a gig, a wedding, or during the grocery runs!


There are not many situations where a suede would look out of place. This rugged leather apparel with jeans and boots in the winter provides an authentically edgy look. If this jacket does not float your boat, you better up your style game then. Wear this option out to dinner and over a super sleek evening dress or don over a t-shirt for a regular smart look.

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