Best Ted Lasso Jacket Hunt Ends Here – Equip Yourself Now

Best Ted Lasso Jacket Hunt Ends Here - Equip Yourself Now

Sports show with a dash of comedy always make one widely watched entertainment piece, and Ted Lasso is no exception. Along with being a great show for which people have great preference, it is also widely chosen for its much-driven fashion inspiration. So, if you are among the avid watcher of the show and have been searching for the most fun fashion quotient – here, get some fancy picks right in this huge assemblage.

Ted Lasso Jackets – Curate the Ted Lasso Outfits with the Perfect Fit

  • Keeley Jones Ted Lasso Fur Jacket – the Beautiful Posh Option

Keeley Jones Ted Lasso Fur Jacket

While Keeley Jones has captured many hearts with her portrayal, it is time to move beyond just her surface-level portrayal and actually look deeper within the things. For the record, Juno Temple has exuded major charm with her illustrative depiction in the show, but we are also keenly getting the inspo from her on-point fashion game.

For instance, look at this nicely crafted jacket that she wore in the show, which stirred some fashion frenzy into the viewer’s life for good. Curated with brilliant perfection, this jacket undertakes the color, construction and material on point.

  • Keeley Jones Brown Leather Jacket – Perfect Jacket at your Doorstep

Keeley Jones Brown Leather Jacket

Want a perfect leather jacket? Well, then, surely there is nothing quite phenomenal like a brown jacket – and this piece presented right here illustrates the claim quite truly, no? Worn by Keeley Jones in Ted Lasso, this jacket epitomizes a universal claim on the fashion scene.

The jacket is made from authentic leather with the addition of the other best, most superior elements that make it a piece of note-worthy prominence.

Whether you want to look edgy or get a prominent vibe – whatever the case, let this be a piece of utter caliber inside your wardrobe.

  • Ted Lasso Juno Temple Gold Puffer Jacket – Get funky with this Stylish Garb

Ted Lasso Juno Temple Gold Puffer Jacket

Do you want to be outstanding and different when you step out and be among the crowd? Well, if that is the case, then – here, try out some of these phenomenal pieces that can give you an upper hand with your style as you step out and ace the quintessential looks.

Curated from parachute fabric, this durable jacket, worn as the perfect outerwear, brings a different feel entirely distinguishable among your other outfits from your overall collection. Perfectly adorned with glitter and a glam vibe, this jacket inspired by the American drama series is a quality-driven piece.

  • Ellie Taylor Biker Quilted Leather Jacket – the OG Style

Ellie Taylor Biker Quilted Leather Jacket

A Biker leather jacket is an original piece, and nothing can minimize its charm – that is for sure. So, that is one factor that makes this Ellie Taylor-inspired biker jacket really popular. But that is not the only thing that forces us to root for this jacket – rather, there is more to it. Besides the impeccable charm, this uproarious trend of a jacket comes with the added panache enabled by the inspiration which has been sought from this celebrity.

If you are searching for real leather jackets then nothing could come with a greater promise than this gritty piece. The internal features of this Ted Lasso-inspired jacket include viscose lining, three outside pockets with two waist pockets, and an overall beautiful structure.

  • Roy Kent Black Leather Jacket – Ultimate Outerwear

Roy Kent Black Leather Jacket

Men and leather jackets go hand in hand, and the great quality of this TV series-inspired jacket is splendid for those fashion enthusiasts who would like to like to redefine their season-centric looks. The fuss-free silhouette and the lightweight quality of the jacket depict the mood of many fashion enthusiasts who want to look chicer and slay smart fashion themes every day.

Inspired by Brett Goldstein, this brown leather jacket simply matches the most prominent style trends. With perfectly undertaken stitching and construction, it has the feature that actually makes it quite a distinguishable apparel.

  • Dani Rojas Ted Lasso S02 Shearling Jacket – Edgy Black with Shearling Addition

Dani Rojas Ted Lasso S02 Shearling Jacket

Who does not appreciate a piece of clothing that makes even the simplest of outfit assortment rise to another level of class and grandiosity – and that is precisely what a nicely put-together shearling and leather jacket is all about? Containing some of the most brilliant features, this Dani Rojas-inspired Ted Lasso jacket is for brave-hearted fashion enthusiasts.

Whether you want size medium or extra large – the divine collection of our jackets enables you to choose that one true piece you want to acquire for yourself.

he is among the series character list that remains highly popular among the masses. His larger-than-life style remains one of the factors that make him among the much-loved characters of Ted Lasso.

Among the many features, the jacket stands out for its rib knitted cuffs, shearling collar, and leather surface that adds much depth to the outerwear.

  • Roy Kent Ted Lasso Cotton Jacket – Carefree Lightweight Option

Roy Kent Ted Lasso Cotton Jacket

A lightweight cotton option should most definitely be on your go-to priority list because it can actually be the ultimate savior inside your wardrobe if wanting to remain phenomenal is what you want to pull through.

Played by Brett Goldstein, Roy Kent is playing the role of a midfielder. His black jacket with detailing is a perfect fit for those sports enthusiast people. The lightweight track jacket is the perfect garb. The detailing features of the jacket include an erect collar, white stripes, rib-knitted cuffs and multiple pockets with two side waist pockets.

  • Ted Lasso S02 Black Puffer Jacket – Exciting Puffer Outerwear

Ted Lasso S02 Black Puffer Jacket

Inspired by Jason Sudeikis’ this jacket is one of the prominent Ted Lasso outfits, and you must not give up on the opportunity to actually include this amazing Ted Lasso Jason Sudeikis jacket. He has played the role of the American football coach and trainer in the series, and his sleek jackets are surely winning over the crowd.

With the second season of the show already out, Ted Lasso is not just a show but a prominent face in the sports genre. So, getting inspiration from this highly edgy and chic piece is a must-must for you.

Made from parachute fabric, this jacket is a perfect pick for you if you want no fuss and actually slay through those times when looking smart and doing something exceptional is among your topmost priority.

He has gotten the many nuances of the show beautifully. Specifically, the sports psychologist and coach suit him like it was tailor-made for him.

  • Phil Dunster Ted Lasso 2021 Hooded Jacket – A Treat for Football Fans

Phil Dunster Ted Lasso 2021 Hooded Jacket

If you are among the football fans, then creating a sporty look is definitely among your top priorities, right? Inspired by Phil Dunster, this polyester fabric jacket can be worn as everyday outerwear.

The amazing specification of the jacket includes internal viscose lining, multiple pockets with outside and two inside – with the waist pockets color being blue, while the overall jacket depicts the different shades, adding a more refined vibe to the surface of the garment.

  • Jason Sudeikis Ted Lasso Track Jacket – A Multipurpose Jacket

Jason Sudeikis Ted Lasso Track Jacket

If you have been swooning over the Jason Sudeikis track jacket, grab this interesting and appealing garb without further ado. Jason Sudeikis’s track jacket is a perfect example of the ultimate sportswear.

Made from polyester fabric, the dominating color of the jacket is blue, while there is a pop of red and white integrated within them. Besides that, it has a nice patch integrated at the chest, which brings much prominence to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which League is Shown in Ted Lasso?

English Premier League and the team portrayed in the show is the English Premier League team.

  • Which Club is Managed by the Coach in the Show Ted Lasso?

The team which comes under the management of Ted Lasso is AFC Richmond, and they are shown losing their initial match against Manchester City.

  • Is there Really a Team Called AFC Richmond?

No, the team is actually fictional, but it has drawn inspiration from Crystal Palace.


The show can be watched anywhere and anytime on Apple TV, and if you have been craving to take much-needed inspiration for your next sporty look – then right here is the suitable place to do just that.

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