Become a Rockstar With the Funky My Chemical Romance Jacket!

Become a Rockstar With the Funky My Chemical Romance Jacket!

Have you heard Party Poison?

The frontman of My Chemical Romance sang this song almost 10 years ago. The start of the track is very catchy, demanding everyone to listen to the band. The name of the album is Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

My Chemical Romance Jackets

Rock music is all about loud, energetic melodies. My Chemical Romance’s album, The Black Parade, has many famous songs with exciting music videos, such as Welcome to the Black Parade, which has a very large number of views on YouTube. You MUST have seen someone around you wearing a My Chemical Romance Jacket.

Punk Rock Music History

Punk rock music began in the ’70s when garage bands existed. These bands and fanatics were labeled as “punk.” By 1977, it was spreading gradually and eventually reached everywhere. Mostly, punk sessions were held underground because these were considered by few as an anomaly. A youth revolt bore a punk subculture and had features of particular apparel styles.

After that, in the ’80s, swifter and energetic styles emerged, hardcore being one that took the music industry by storm. Punk followers stalked many changes, gave way to the post-punk and alternative movement. Then began the golden generation of this genre. Artists such as Green day, Blink-182, and The Offspring contributed to the extravagant popularity of this genre.

About My Chemical Romance

Rock stars are ‘crazy’ over fancy jackets. Rock fans around the planet admire My Chemical Romance Jackets. Gerard Way, the co-founder of the band, is responsible for the birth of the group. He laid the foundations of the band in New Jersey shortly after The World Trade Center was attacked. Observing the tower’s fall had an impact on Gerard’s life so much that he formed a band.

Skylines and Turnstiles was a song very close to Gerard’s heart. This track is related to the tragedy in the United States and touched many people’s hearts. The band had a new member, namely Ray Toro, an expert guitarist.

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, the band’s debut album, was worked on very swiftly. It was released in no time, just after 90 days from the formation of the group. Quick right? Musicians take up to a year and sometimes even two to produce a full album. This shows the great brains in the band members’ skulls. Not just quick work, but also great results.

Party Poison

Have you ever been to a rock festival? Or just a concert by a rock band? The atmosphere is electric! You will start headbanging even if you don’t want to do so. This is the magic that rock music instills into the hearts of people. Watching a rock band perform live is the ultimate dream of a music freak. The bass guitars, drums, and vocals usually mesmerize the human mind.

Some people consider this music as just noise! These people don’t have good taste in music, but then again, this is a debate, and the opinions can be biased. From my point of view, it is not noise but THUNDER! Not the type which shreds away things but which makes you mesmerized with its beauty. The sound will almost explode your eardrums and might even cause hearing loss. Just Kidding! Music is a form of art! It takes you into another galaxy. All the stress, all the anxiety gets bullied and beaten up badly by well-produced music.

Chemical Romance Party Poison Jacket

In the music video, Gerard Way ABSOLUTELY nails the rockstar look with his Party Poison Jacket. It is a blue, shiny blazer made of a thin material which makes it easy to wear and comfortable. The combination of his red hair with the blue jacket with white lining on the upper back and shoulders give a very funky appearance pleasant typically to punk rock fans.

It is somewhat similar to a motocross jacket. As mentioned before, it is light in weight with a shell made out of faux leather. The stitchers have done their work neatly, and it also is sensitive to the light exposed to them. It looks teal sometimes and sometimes royal blue. There is a party poison badge on the back, which looks great on the shiny faux leather. However, if you’re looking for something that would keep you warm, then maybe this jacket is not for you, but if you’re a die-hard punk rock or My Chemical Romance fan, then this piece of clothing is definitely for you.

The jacket gains A LOT of attention due to its shiny color. However, It may not be the best option to put on in day-to-day lives because of the shiny color. This is because of the lightweight. It has a zipper on the front with a stand-up collar. It also comes with a zipper on the cuffs. It also has two zipper pockets on the waist and two inside pockets.

 Brings out the Funk in You!

My Chemical Romance Party Poison Jacket is a celebrity choice, and all celebrity choices have something unique and catchy. This is why people around the world go crazy over them. If your favorite movie star or actor would opt for a pair of shiny, skinny jeans, then you will instantly go to the store to get one for yourself. That’s exactly what you’re gonna do! Hurry up and get your jacket online or from a nearby store right now!

The jackets worn by rock stars in concerts and music videos are usually dark in color, shiny, and printed. They might have zippers or buttons and standing collars. For example, Gerard wears a black jacket in the Welcome to the Black Parade with black pants. This went perfectly with the script, which included a parade being carried out in the middle of the city.

The chemical romance album is a great one for music enthusiasts!