All Concerning the Night and the Museum Franchise

All Concerning the Night and the Museum Franchise

When Night at the Museum smashed box office records by collecting 574 million dollars in a few days both nationally and internationally, the need for another installment was unavoidable. The movie freaks who were fed up with the boring Hollywood stories had an excuse to invest their time in watching a new film that offered a unique recipe of comedy and suspense mixed with love for the non-living beings. Grossing hundreds of millions of dollars, Night at the Museum green signaled the arrival of another installment which would further extend the franchise and its bigger plans to capture the Hollywood market.

As time was flying quickly and fans were looking at the makers of the first part, the franchise announced the second part and hence Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian came into existence. Continuity to Larry Daley’s adventures at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, the film was received very well by both the critics and the admirers making millions of dollars yet another time. The Battle of the Smithsonian proved to be relatively better than the first part which more or less concentrated upon the process of the non-living beings turning into living beings until the dawn would dominate the world and sunshine would cover each and everything that came in its way. Specifically, the second part kept Larry busy taking massive actions in order to rescue the lives of Jedediah and Octavius who were accidentally shipped to Smithsonian Institution. Not only that, Larry had to ensure that the lives of the two will not be compromised or threatened by Ahkmenrah’s evil older brother Kahmunrah who was desperate to kill the couple.

Flashback to the Plot 

Finding the two in trouble, Larry takes it to Washington DC’s National Air and Space Museum where Abraham Lincoln meets him. Trapped in a cursed situation, Larry is being proposed by Amelia and wants him to stay with him but the former says no knowing this can’t happen due to the fact the latter is formed of wax. Later on, Larry and Amelia escape the scene using an airplane after realizing Napoleon and his forces have invaded the museum which is something to get rid of. However, this doesn’t stop them from moving forward and making an attempt to rescue their friends who are in extreme danger.

Flashback to the plot

Along with Larry and his friends, soon Amelia embarks on a mission to gather forces in order to defeat Kahmunrah and save the life of the tiny friends of theirs. But this all doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. Before they turn their desires into a reality, they have to go through hardships, countless threats and unimaginable circumstances pushing them towards disappointment. Since Larry and Amelia were on the right side and wanted no harm to anyone else, their courage level seems to be getting up after every minor breakthrough. When Amelia is done recruiting the warriors into her group, a battle erupts leading both sides to collide with each other. Then there comes a point when Octavius rescues Jedediah and Larry obtains the magical tablet which changes the game in favor of the latter and his allies.

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After causing brawl among Napoleon, Capone, and Ivan, Larry finds a way to escape only to be confronted by Kahmunrah who seems to be enough prepared to knock out him. However, this isn’t the end of the primary protagonist’s life as Amelia opens the gate to the Underworld using the tablet and sending him to where he can’t come from again.

The film featured exceptional shots and excellent GFX visuals along with Amy Adams as Tess, the look-alike of Amelia, at the end of the film sporting the immensely admired and overrated Amy Adams Night at the Museum 2 Amelia Earhart Jacket.

Will There Be a Fourth Part Coming in the Future? 

The massive success of the Battle of the Smithsonian guaranteed the release of 3rd part which came out in 2014 with the title of Secret of the Tomb. Just like the previous parts, this one also enabled the franchise to multiply their profit with the movie budget and maximize their earning.

Soon, the fans started demanding the fourth part which could have been worked upon, however, a lot of factors including the decreased profit played a significant role in the closing down of the franchise to date. Apart from the decreased profit, Robin Williams’ death was another major reason the filmmakers had to put a full stop to film series.

Back in 2016, when Shawn Levy, director, and producer of the film, was asked by The Hollywood Reporter whether or not the franchise will be extended, he made it clear there will be no fourth part confirming the franchise has gone inactive.

He categorically mentioned Robbin Williams’ death as one of the major reasons behind the stoppage of the franchise which had shocked all the coworkers and production staff. Hence, even if they wanted, there was no way for the franchise to continue the expansion process certainly when things were already planned to be wrapped up before the start of the third part.

”That was a great run. The family film has shifted; I think we see that everywhere. Ben [Stiller] and I knew that the third movie would be about the characters saying goodbye and us also saying goodbye. And then when Robin [Williams] died, that sealed it. That was just horrible many months ”, said Levy.

Disney Plans to Reboot the Night at the Museum Franchise

Disney Plans to Reboot the Night at the Museum Franchise 

While we might never be able to watch Ben Stiller and his partners bringing the life back to the New York City museum, Disney’s plan to reboot the multi-million-dollar franchise of Night at the Museum would allow us to witness the non-living beings transforming into the living beings one another time.

Yes, you have really read those words and no, you aren’t unconscious at the moment. Confirmed by Disney chief, Bob Iger, Night at the Museum franchise will be brought back to the limelight for Disney web streaming service which will tackle the monopoly of Netflix allowing the former to showcase its own projects to the fans without relying on an external source.

The Disney CEO and chairman categorically said, “We’re…focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on our DTC [direct-to-consumer] platforms. For example, reimagining Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, for a new generation on Disney+.”

Now, this is an indicator of a future development that will be in favor of the dead and inactive franchise allowing the angry fans to regenerate their interest and faith in the continuation of Night in the Museum story.

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