A Perfect Couple Wear: Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest

Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest

When we talk of the couple-themed wear inspired by the comic characters, it sounds to be almost impossible to make your partner agree with your choice. For instance, if your girlfriend is more into the superheroes like a passionate comic follower rather than the anti-earth creatures of even the anti-humanitarian super villains, you might end up having a clash or unnecessary arguments that is not going to be in the interest of neither of you.

However, if it is more like a mandatory thing than just an option to go for the couple themed wear in a cosplay party, you both are likely to make an agreement over a certain selection for the sake of hassle-free participation at the cosplay event.

Although the combined universes of Marvel and DC Comics have unnumbered couple characters, Harley Quinn and Joker stands at the top of the long list without any doubt. Yeah, you got me right! I am directly dictating you to think of the wardrobes of the love birds for an upcoming cosplay event.

Irrespective of the nature of the characters, a look at their wardrobes and particularly the outerwear elements might help you realize it’s worth it. I guess, instead of playing a witch and a nasty creature, it seems more than just fun to act as Harley Quinn and the greatest supervillain in the world of DC Comics.

When You Should Plan to Be Dressed as Joker with Your Partner Following Quinn’s Style?

Obviously, this might be one of the trickiest questions you have come across. Keeping in mind we have got only a month to say bye-bye to the year 2019, trying out the couple wear during the Christmas season should not be eliminated from the plans. No, this doesn’t sound to be an off-trend selection anyhow.

Unless you follow a self-created yet strict rule in terms of clothing during Christmas day, you can surely take yourself out of the box and do what only a few might have done before by simply replacing Santa’s wardrobe with comic character-themed outerwear.

This will prove to be challenging certainly when your own partner may not be in the favor of it but the only way to keep both Christmas clothing and the comic character’s wardrobe in the trend is by assembling an outfit equipped with all the specifications excluding the outerwear belonging to Joker.

Cosplay Event: A Great Platform to Bring Out Your Inner Talent

Even if you are in no mood to attend a cosplay event anytime soon, there are over more than hundreds of cosplay events locally organized all over the United States with participants arriving from different states and corners of the country. Take a look at the list of upcoming cosplay events to be held in the next three months and make your presence possible.

Stay Open for the Casual Comic Themed Parties

Since the New Year-themed cosplay events are at the rise as well, register yourself and you could simply represent the characters in a casual manner. Invitations from your friends regarding casual parties with the specific theme of comic characters is yet another best source to show the exceptional chemistry between you and your partner.

You could stylize the Joker vest the way you want while your body is covered with a set of fashion-filled elements from bottom to the top. This sets you free from the prison of the specific rules of a cosplay event which dictates you to represent a certain character in a traditional manner.

After all, these characters are as much interested in fashion as any general human being! Thus, it is fine to promote the pretty different aspect of their personalities being a source of inspiration to many of us. With your girlfriend teaming up Quinn’s outerwear with ultra-cool fashion tools, you both could rock the moment playing the supervillain characters in quite an untraditional manner.

Let’s admit the fact, combining a passion for fashion with your love for a particular comic character creates a striking blend!

Whether you have decided to attend a cosplay gathering full of creative people who love admiring art or a couple themed fashion party encouraging you to promote fashion and rock an ultimately stylish outfit, the Harley Quinn outerwear, and Joker’s vest from Joaquin Phoenix’s film of the same title will not disappoint you.

Furthermore, if you have never been interested in promoting comic character while going public, dedicating an indoor comic themed party with a few of your close friends being the attendees sure to provide you with an opportunity to be a real-life couple of supervillains.

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