A Perfect Couple Wear: Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Costume

A Perfect Couple Wear - Harley Quinn Bombshell Vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest

What it is like to follow the romantic couple from the comic books and adopt their looks? If you have attended a cosplay event you know it well or otherwise you should try it once with your partner and see how it goes for you. The world of comics is filled with uncountable characters each different in power, ability, and nature. From the pro-Earth figures of Superman and Captain Marvel to the villainous characters of Thanos and Killer croc, the extended world of superheroes has all kinds of creatures.

But when it comes to the romantic characters, Joker and Harley Quinn seems to be topping the chart. In case you are planning to join your friends at a cosplay competition as a couple or even want to join a couple themed party on Halloween, your ultimate choice should be Quinn and Joker.

Besides the makeup, the only tool needed to play Joker’s love interest is the Dc Bombshell Harley Quinn Leather Jacket. Moreover, you are also supposed to change your body language and attitude in favor of the well-wisher of the psychotic character. Apart from that, taking a couple of online acting classes on YouTube will be a big bonus.


Dc Bombshell Harley Quinn Leather Jacket


Joker has appeared in a bunch of costumes and jackets before but the latest one seems to be exceptionally stylish and suits the legendary character without any contradiction. Called the Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest, it is one of the few components of the latest costume of Joker. In short, the very well designed outerwears enable you to follow the fictional couple!

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Yellow Vest

Analyzing the Reaction

Suicide Squad Joker Crocodile Purple Coat

We are pretty much aware of Newton’s Law of motion which states ” For every action, there is a reaction ”. Obviously, this means, you will have to pay the price for donning Quin’s and Joker’s signature outerwears and adopted heir look. However, worry not as you are not gonna collect negative remarks from your friends nor from the critics.

The chances of being criticized while you are attempting to look different are usually slim to none. The immense creativity provided by jackets would be enough for you and your spouse to look better than most of the party attendees or your competitors in a cosplay party. Jared Leto Joker Crocodile Coat and the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Property Of Joker Jacket is the perfect combo that surely turn heads of the attendees.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Property of Joker Jacket

Winning the Couple Themed Cosplay Competition

Ever since the invasion of comics-inspired movies in the Hollywood industry, the trend of cosplay competitions has skyrocketed to the extent that you can find hundreds of competitions being held every day in the United States. A number of these competitions are held on a yearly basis for the couples to let them portray their favorite comic characters in the best possible way.

To be specific, cosplay events give us a reason to partly represent our favorite characters from movies and comic books. You can go through hundreds of names of couples from Gamora and Peter Quill to Captain America and Margaret Carter but none are enough good to be compared with the queen of evil and king of darkness which means the odds will be not against you in bringing the trophy home.

Why Should You Portray Harley Quinn and Joker in a Cosplay Party?

First and foremost, there is no match to a dashing couple of Joker and Harley Quinn especially in the world full of villainous figures. The Chemistry between the said characters is relatively better than most of their rivals. Masterminds behind the instability of Gotham city, the loving pair offers a glimpse into the life of evil-minded characters aiming to live together while indicating loyalty is also a common thing among the ill-mannered people.

Harley Quinn Red and Grey Cropped Jacket

So if you and your husband/wife make a romantic couple and you are assuming to have a dreadful impression, yeah, there are many other romantic characters out there, but keeping in mind the nature of Quinn and Joker, it is rare to find such a level of trust and empathy between and among the violence-lovers. Injustice 2 Harley Quinn Leather Jacket will be a sophisticated option for the graceful lady and the Joker Suicide Squad Jared Leto Silver Blazer Coat would make a macho style statement.

Joker Suicide Squad Jared Leto Silver Blazer Coat

Choosing the style of Harley and Joker instantly give a prominent appearance, without being depressed about the people as definitely your couple will make everyone give you the compliments.

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