A Bomber Jacket is actually what your wardrobe needs the most!

A Bomber Jacket is actually what your wardrobe needs the most!

Are you sure you have everything you crave this season in your wardrobe? If yes, think again because if you are short on one of the staples, you better get it sooner than later. Our list of ensembles is incomplete without the extraordinary men’s bomber jacket, and you should take a good look at yours too!

How to Select a Bomber Jacket?

Have you looked at the designs circling? Do not just jump into every place you see with styling tips, or you will be overwhelmed beyond your imagination. From different materials to different features, these jackets have come far from what they originally used to be. Though it is easy to recognize them, the feeling and vibe have changed.

To avoid getting swamped with all of the different styles and the long lists of styling tips, here is a short guide to help live the dream of carrying a men’s bomber jacket with style. Foremost rule, always make sure that you are getting the right fit. You do not want to buy it undersized or oversized – as it kills the look instantly.

Minimalism is winning over other silhouettes these days, and you can get it from your carefully designed top layers as well. Match your outfit with the style and color of your attire and avoid unnecessary details on the exterior for a basic look! Minimalism does not mean you stay out of the creative side. Merge a shirt with a fun print to instantly uplift your look with a subtle shade.

Leather Bomber Jackets 

There are only rare occasions when leather apparel does not sit perfectly. Other than that, these jackets are enough to make you the star of the night. Your immaculate look can benefit a lot from the additional charm of a rugged looking bomber jacket. Make sure you grab the best men’s bomber jacket that also comes under your budget and provides long hours of comfort!

To look handsome is the goal – to achieve it, you need knowledge and practice. Place your bets on the efforts you are putting in because once you get the hang of it, it is hard to resist. Get the ball rolling and dive in the world of bomber jackets originally made for men after World War II. At first, known as flight jackets, mainly designed for the fighter pilots and the crew. Nowadays, since the need to ride on a motorcycle to let go of the steam is less than the need to flaunt a sleek attire on the streets, the designs have greatly evolved. A2 jackets first crafted for Army Air Corps. It was a military issued leather piece with efficient features!

This men’s bomber jacket made for serious business, it featured details that made a pilot sit comfortably for gruesome flights. Fleece or corduroy are popular lining fabrics for these jackets today, making it one of the most preferred pieces among men.

Shearling Bomber Jackets

A modern twist in the classic jackets happened when shearling appeared in different places, bomber top-layer with shearling on the inside gives an ultimate luxurious appeal. The caliber of this apparel is matchless! Like many articles, this jacket also has its foundations in the military, lined with thick fur for long hours of comfort.

To date, this shearling-lined jacket recognized as a mind-blowing piece for its warmth and comfort. When the needs changed, the fur swapped with wool so that the commoners could accommodate this piece as well. Styles, including B3 and B2, gained fame in the military and possess the same popularity with its synthetic and shearling layers.

There is not a single rule book from where you can learn all about styling these jackets. You become perfect at it with time and effort. Do not avoid experimenting with it. It is only because of the curious minds that we now have many different subtypes of the men’s bomber jackets.

Varsity Bomber Jackets

The Varsity or Letterman jackets, highlighted by Harvard University, were crafted to reward their baseball players. Only those who showed a stellar performance in the sport given this amazing top-layer. It was only a matter of time, and it quickly grabbed the attention of other teenagers and young adults. Many young players use it to represent their identity through the school’s initials. The Letterman jacket is a subtype of men’s bomber jacket having a more comfortable front.

Pair your exquisite varsity jacket with a graphic tee or jumper. The sophisticated touch is hard to achieve with this piece since it has the ultimate homey vibes. It is considered the ultimate college boy attire for this sole quality. Depending on your preference for bottoms, this single piece paired with shorts, khakis, sweatpants, and even chinos.

Military Style Bomber Jackets

The classic pieces were only crafted from heavy leather fabric and worn only in the standard masculine colors of black and brown. With the features evolving in men’s bomber jackets, we now have the privilege of flaunting them in various hues and materials. Military jackets usually come in shades of green and are a favorite among adventurers and hikers. The olive or military green palette gives an aesthetic appeal that is ideal for obtaining a smart casual style. While looking great on its own, your topmost layer tends to compliment the rest of your clothing.