Despite the sweat on our furrowed brow, and the news repeatedly coaxing us to keep ourselves hydrated as the weather just struck a grueling 40 degrees centigrade in the shade, a leather jacket is, and will, remain to be a staple in our barren wardrobes. The most essential part of owing it is that it can be recycled from season to season without exhibiting any signs of wear and tear.

We have stocked our wardrobes with at least a zillion renditions of the effortless jackets. Whether we’re styling a biker jacket for men in the summer, or adding a little class to a women’s effortless yet basic fall wardrobe with a women’s fall jacket, we know that such staples of our wardrobes shouldn’t be kept way in the back in the hope for winter to arrive.

Mentioned below are 5 unique and utterly chic ways to style your mundane outfit with a leather jacket.



This year, we are going all out on colored bottoms and classic plaid jumpers that can help to liven up our wardrobe. Pair a couple of plaid bottoms with an effortless black turtleneck and whisk a black biker jacket over your shoulders to sport the perfect women’s fall jacket for a day out on the town.



All White:

(Source) Theveygirl.com


Sport a plain white dress or white bottoms and a classic button-down or a simple t-shirt with a black jacket over your shoulders. When in doubt, always remember that monochrome never fails to surprise



Who says that black jackets men’s have to be utterly basic or complete renditions of the colours black or brown? Thanks to our really innovative fashion designers, men’s jackets aren’t only witnessing a splash of colour to sport, but are really into helping stylists to establish a pattern out of the mundane.




Layers are in:

(Source) Elle.com

Wearing a single t-shirt under your jacket was a thing of the past. Revamp your wardrobe with a number of elegant shirts – crop, short, and long – and wear a couple of styles together. For instance, pair your t-shirt with a long, plaid layer, and throw a women’s fall jacket over your shoulders to twist the magic of your entire attire. Sport a couple of funky earrings and pop, painted heels to show who’s boss.



Gone are the days when your basic black jacket men’s had to be groomed into blazers or as silhouettes lurking over their shoulders. With this season, we are talking about casting long silhouettes with our knee-length and calf-length jackets.


Apart from the aforementioned styling tips, you can always consider leaving the buttons of your jacket open or cause it to slouch from one of your shoulders to catch the draft of the breeze. Embellished multipurpose jackets for both men and women are causing people to come out of their comfort zones and experience styles that are reminiscent of their personalities.

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