5 Reasons Why Jughead Jackets Turn You into a Fierce Tiger!

5 Reasons Why Jughead Jackets Turn You into a Fierce Tiger

What is Riverdale?

The name Riverdale is given to a Tv Series produced in America based on the characters of Archie Comics. The story is about a teenage boy named Jason Blossom, who is wealthy and popular in the town. When he passes away, the town gets baffled and shocked. Archie, another character in the TV series, realizes that he is born for music and is also admired by Betty Cooper, a girl in Archie’s school. Cheryl Blossom is the twin sister of Jason Blossom.

She is also the cheerleading captain, because of which other girls are jealous. One of them includes Veronica Lodge, who has her eyes on the captaincy. Jughead and his friends decide to carry out the investigation of Jason Blossom’s murder which has turned the town upside down. Jughead is usually seen wearing a jacket which has become a symbol of his character so much that it gets sold in the market as the jughead jacket. Below are 5 reasons why YOU should buy one!

  1. Gangster Look

In the town of Riverdale reside a gang of dangerous criminals named Southside Serpents. Their logo is a two-faced green snake. They have been named Southside because they are mostly found on the south side of Riverdale. There is a “procedure” to become a serpent known as an initiation ceremony. Firstly, they must pamper the Serpent’s dog, aka “The Beast,” and secondly, they must learn the Serpent laws in the proper sequence. A hissing snake usually is a sign of danger. It means that either it will bite the life out of you, or it wants you to leave asap!

Anyway, the third step of the tradition is to pull a knife out of a snake’s cage, and lastly and probably the most painful, the inductee shall have to bear several punches all over the body by the gang members. After all this, the newbie shakes hands with the members and is congratulated and presented the Riverdale Southside serpents jacket. The Serpent has a history dating back to the 1940s when Riverdale was founded.

Polly Cooper was Jason Blossom’s girlfriend, and when she became pregnant, Jason needed money to flee with her. That’s when he approached the Serpents who tried to make him a drug dealer as a college student like him would never get suspected. The drugs were later classified as marijuana by FP Jones, a loyal member of the Serpents.

  1. Celebrity Feeling

Riverdale has a very talented cast admired by thousands around the globe. It first aired on January 26, 2017, and is still going strong. The cast includes KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Marisol Nichols, and many more. Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones in Riverdale. He also starred in the Disney Channel series, “The suite life of Zack and Cody,” which gave him much fame. He was given the role of Cody Martin in this series. His date of birth is August 4, 1992. He has appeared in many films and tv shows throughout, but his role in The suite life of Zack and Cody gave him ultra fame. The jacket of Jughead Jones is made out of denim fabric with a lining of viscose lining inside for comfort. Other features include a shearling collar, two pockets, and front buttons. Also, there are two chest pockets and two on the waist.

  1. Teenagers’ Dream!

Mostly, the audience of this show is teenagers. This is because the story is very similar to the life of teenagers in America, i.e., related to college, relationships, crimes, etc. Also, clothing such as southside serpents leather jackets is a thing of teenagers, not the elderly or the young ones. People around the age of 15 to 20 usually develop new relationships, get involved in unnecessary crimes (simply because of misguidance), and go to college. That is exactly what this series revolves around. Not to forget the music. Music is something that teenagers discover as a way to find peace. If we were to say that this tv series does not have a relation with music, then we would be lying. Archie, Jason Blossom, Veronica, Cheryl Blossom, and Jughead all go to Riverdale High School.

  1. Fierce as a Tiger, Slick as a Snake

These jackets are designed specially to make you look like an absolute beast. You would love to put on one because of the comfort and attractive design AND slick print at the back. Most of the people who want to look like a “badass” or a gang member find these jackets perfect for themselves. Tigers are known for their fierceness and aggressive nature. On the other hand, snakes portray an image of slickness. The serpent jackets have a combination of both the qualities of these animals. Onlookers get surprised in a positive way while passing by. However, don’t get too scared. It’s just a jacket and won’t actually turn you into an amphibian!

  1. For the Bold and Brave

You may have heard about the bold and the beautiful. But that is for girls. These jackets are not for the cowards or the light-hearted. It’s for the brave and the bold. You can compare yourself to Land Rover offroading or a rider on a Harley Davidson when you wear this jacket. Many people look at them with a critical eye. Although the snake portrays something relating to cunningness, it CAN also be worn in a casual way. Either way around, it will definitely give a different touch to your clothing.



If you are a Riverdale-holic, then you definitely need to purchase one of the Serpent Jackets. It will show that you have awesome taste in TV plus you are a trendy person. Not to forget the slick and fierce part. So don’t wait. Find the nearest retail or order online and rock that gangster look!

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