5 Coolest Jackets Every Man Should Own

5 Coolest Jackets Every Man Should Own

A jacket is an essential most component of every man’s winter wardrobe. It is almost impossible to even think of going outdoors without having a skin covering your body to cope with the cold weather.

Moreover, if heavy snowfall hits the town, you get another excuse to stay in the comfort zone and neglect the world outside of the home. This not only makes you a lazy creature but also rewires your brain to make a compromise on your health by staying inactive.

Every winter makes us men want to shop for new jackets to replace the old ones but high price tags don’t allow us to bear the financial burden.

However, if you are still enthusiastic to bear a little bit of financial burden, here are five unbeatably stylish outerwear options tried by celebrities to make your winter outfit worth putting together.

Beckham’s Style 

David Beckham, the second richest English footballer and one of the sexiest men alive, tends to be a major source of inspiration for a great number of young fashionistas around the world. Be it his haircut or the beard style, everyone seems to follow him for many reasons. Being a self-proclaimed ambassador of fashion, Beckham often dons alluring outerwear and the New Motorcycle David Beckham Jacket is not an exception. If you are a typical biker blessed with the ability to stylize an outfit better than an average man, try out the said piece and get yourself positive feedback.

New Motorcycle David Beckham Jacket

Justin Bieber’s Outerwear for Men in Black

While Justin Bieber has not ever confessed if he is a big fan of fashion, his love for the black leather jackets indicates he might be one. You have got to admit, Canadians have a superior taste of fashion than Americans. I know, you can’t necessarily be Bieber’s fan, yet there is nothing inappropriate to follow his footsteps in terms of fashion. Get a round neck black t-shirt to pair it with black pants and don the Justin Bieber Black Leather Jacket to complete the look of a man in black.

A Silver Piece from John Cena 

The backbone of the World Wrestling Entertainment, John Cena has actively participated in western movies as a major stakeholder. Unlike the majority of celebrities, his interest in fashion is surely lower than the average men. Yet this does not mean we will not be able to find even a single fashion component associated with him. Unsure about you, but I have never seen him in a leather jacket and the reason could be the extremely thick material used in the making of a jacket. Rather, Cena tends to be more interested in satin and wool made outerwear like John Cena Goofy Riberia Silver Jacket. Pair it up with light-colored pants for the best look.

john cena goofy riberia silver jacket

Biker Style By Brad Pitt

If you want to look totally exceptionally while riding along with the fellow bikers, you should be investing in nothing else other than the Brad Pitt Riders Leather Jacket. It is a real leather jacket gifted with an untraditional closure featuring a snap button flapper. Furthermore, since you will be accelerating at the top speed throughout the trip, just don’t be afraid of the cold wind and beat it with the satisfying wear. I acknowledge, it is a bit hard to impress bikers due to being picky but this will leave you stunned.

Brad Pitt Riders Leather Jacket

Following Freddie Mercury 

In a comparison among Canadian, British and American celebrities, I would rate Britons higher than their counterparts. Unlike classless celebrities, British celebrities love fashion quite passionately which is why their taste of fashion differs from their rivals. So, finally, you could get your hands on the Freddie Mercury Red And Black Leather Jacket to make yourself feel proud. It is definitely a privilege to copy the style of Briton’s greatest musician ever in an attempt to bring a revolution to your appearance.

Freddie Mercury Jacket

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